Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Essie Watermelon Nail Art.....Kinda Sorta?!

Hi kiddos, I'm sorry I've been MIA for a few days, I have been sick as a dog!  I finally went to the dr and (just as I suspected) I have strep throat and a really killer cold.  So I've been resting and trying to get better.  My poor nails have been bare for 2 days....I couldn't take it any longer so I composed myself and got crackin, bunny slippers, robe and all!

The nail art I did kind of turned out a bit like watermelon nails, even though that wasn't what I had in mind...

I know this pic is a bit off center....I'm blaming the cold medicine!

Watermelon-licious?  I didn't even realize it until a few of you on Instagram commented.  This is probably one of my favorite mani's I've done in 2013!  I just love how the pink polka dotted nails resemble ladybugs but also remind me of watermelon.....either way it's something summery!  And I think the green plays really well with the pink...ohhhh I just really like it all! Not to toot my own horn or anything (toot) but I do think this turned out pretty derrrn cute!

I used all Essie's. You're shocked you say?  Wake up and smell the crazy, I'm addicted to Essie polish and ain't nothin gon' change that, ya hear?  They just work so well together and are perfect for doing nail art!

The beautiful bright green shade is The More the Merrier, the fun pink is Bottle Service and the black shade is my go to Licorice.  Can I just quickly say that the formula on The More the Merrier is insanely perfect.  Smooth, opaque in 2 coats and so bright and summer-ific (yes it's a can trust me). I will most definitely be using this hot little lady a LOT this season!!

For the polka dot nails, I used a small dotting tool and just went to town. (excuse me, Dot used a small dotting tool and went to town).  Such a diva, I swear!

For the middle finger, I painted the entire nail black and topped it with Seche Vite.  After about 10 minutes, I put 1 piece of striping tape down the center of my nail diagonally and added 1 coat of The More the Merrier to the top half of my nail.  I immediately removed the striping tape, topped with more Seche Vite and Voila!

Ms. Pinky (get it Ms. Pinky like Ms. Piggy, not funny...sheesh... tough crowd) is probably my favorite nail of the bunch.  After I put down a base of The More the Merrier and Seche Vite, I added striping tape in diagonal stripes, added a decent coat of Licorice and removed the tape.  Seche Vite topped everything off as usual!

I am so into summer nails!  I am dreading summer just flying by and before you know it, I will be doing Christmas nails.  I am going to enjoy every mama slapping second of neons, bright pinks and yes watermelon nails!

Oh and if you haven't slapped someone around you yet....what the flip are you waiting for?  Get to beating and make mama proud!  (just don't come after me with that fist). Dang heathens!

Happy Polishing and Happy Watermelon-ing (again, it's a word, geez did you guys go to school?) ;)

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