Friday, July 5, 2013

Elle Polish and a Mish Mash of Nail Art!

Hi kittens, hope you're all having a fantabulous day!  I'm getting ready to film a haul video (with a little surprise ending) and clean my house.  Very very exciting I know!  The life of a beauty blogger/Youtuber....

So I got a few new polishes at Kohl's the other day.  They recently started carrying the Elle line of polishes and I must say, I am highly impressed!  I have about 6 of them and the formula on them all is quite amazing, not to mention some really beautiful color selections!

I knew I wanted to try this cornflower blue beauty as soon as I got her home....of course I had to add some Essie and a bit of nail art for you little nail freaks....

Ah yes, a typical mama smacker!  This turned out WAAAY better than I had pictured it in my head!  

I used Elle Ship Shape, Essie Off the Shoulder, a bit of Essie Blanc and INM Northern Lights

My middle finger is definitely my favorite of the bunch!  And it was quite easy to do....I used a base of Off the Shoulder, then put down some striping tape in rows, and topped it with 1 coat of Ship Shape.  

My ring finger is a "cloud mani" and on my thumb we have some simple dots that I did with a medium sized dotting tool.  Everything got a good coating of Seche Vite, which I'm sure you all know I would sell my first born for!  Tutorials for all of these looks are on my YouTube page if anyone is interested!

Have you guys tried any of these Elle polishes?  They can be found at Kohl's and let me tell you what....they are certainly worth taking a look at!  They wear great with very little chipping, even after a few days!  And there are some really gorgeous colors to choose from!

Happy mama smacking, I mean polishing, my loves!!


  1. It's nice to see all the looks at one time. You do an amazing job!! Love your blog and youtube channel.

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