Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Fireworks....on the 5th?!

Hello you little firecrackers!  I know, I know, July 4th was yesterday but I did a bit of festive nail art and of course I'm a day late and a dollar short.  Seems to be the norm for me.  I was going to just forget about doing this post since I missed the holiday and all (for my US peeps) but I decided I can still share some fun nail art even if you have to save it til next year!

I knew I wanted to do something red, white and blue for Independence Day.  I love the holiday, we always grill out and have friends over.  I also make my kids wear red, white and blue, usually in a matchy matchy sort of way and they get super annoyed but who's the boss here? Big Momma that's who!

These are the nail's I sported for the 4th, and I must say, they got loads of attention from friends and family.  I almost had to pull out the striping tape at one point, my niece was so enamored with my nails, she insisted I hook her up.  Luckily I distracted her with a hot dog and a sparkler.....

Pretty patriotic eh?  I did this color combo specifically for the 4th, but I actually would rock this on a daily basis, Independence Day or not.  I love how it resembles fireworks, which is exactly what my little pinhead had in mind!

I used Essie Snap Happy as a base on all of my fingers except for my ring finger.  I applied 2 coats then topped them all with Seche Vite.  On my middle finger I slapped a little Essie Stroke of Brilliance on and called it a day.  For my index and pinky I pulled out the striping tape and got down to bidnass!  I arranged them to look like fireworks then put 1 coat of Nails Inc Baker St. on top.  I carefully removed the tape and topped those beauties with Seche Vite.

My ring finger is the same ol' dotticure I seem to do quite a bit.  I just think it adds such a fun vibe to any mani ANDDD it's super easy.  Different sized dots all over the nail....what could be simpler?  There is a tutorial on my YouTube channel if you need a little bit of help!

And if you're ever curious about my thumb, which for some unknown reason, I failed to photograph (camera shy finger, what can I say), I usually "style" her the same as my ring finger.  That seems to be the norm for most of my manicures.  I will try to do better and include that little lady in future snapshots!

What did you guys do for the 4th of July?  Did you wear a festive mani?  Any mama smackin' take place?  (it usually happens on holidays, don't be ashamed)

Happy Polishing my friends!!

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