Friday, June 28, 2013

Time for a Splatter Mani...and an Old Favorite!

Hi chipmunks, hope you're all feel young, wild and polished tonight....oh LAWWWD Nicole, that is super cheesy even for you! (Sorry that was just Dot telling me off yet again)

I was feeling like a splatter mani last's been a hot minute since I did one.  So I got out my overall's and got down to bidness. (yes overall's are necessary for nail art, no judgement please)

Did you slap your mama yet?  If not, then may I ask why the flip not?  Splatter mani's always get me....they are so super simple to do and they look so fun and on trend especially for summer!

I used all Essie polishes for this design, are you really surprised?  I just can't stop with the Essie's, I hope you guys aren't sick of it yet, because I am nowhere close to being done with this obsession!

It's pretty bad when you have to photograph the bottles just because you love them so.  These little square of perfection just melt my cold little heart.

For the splatter, I put down a white base with Blanc then splattered with the remaining colors....Sunday Funday (which I also used on my ring finger), The More the Merrier, Bikini So Teeny (also on my index and pinky), and Licorice.  I also used Licorice on my thumb and slapped a few dots on with the 3 "brights".

The formula on all of these beauties is amazing.  I know sometimes Essie polishes can be a pain in the bootay but not these ladies.  Opaque in 2 coats and just totally (I'm resisting the urge to use the word totes, you can thank me later) perfect!  If you haven't tried Licorice then you are missing out!  Easily one of the best black polishes I have ever used!  And Bikini So Teeny is a serious classic!  I use this a LOT and never get tired of it!  Gorgeous baby blue color, shimmer and a pretty lovely formula....someone get behind me, cause I'm about to pass the french out.

Is it normal to get so excited about polish?  Is anyone else this crazy?  Or am I on a polish filled island all by my lonesome?  (I have a feeling I'd have some company, yes I'm looking at you, you little nail hooch).

If you guys are looking for a splatter tutorial, I have a full one on my YouTube Channel, I'll link it below just in case.  *enter shameless plug from stage left*

Hope you loves enjoyed!

Happy Polishing my friends!!

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