Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bestie Twin Nails with Armstrong Amber!

Hi buttercups, how are we all on this lovely summer day?  I never want it to end...every morning I wake up and feel slightly sad cause I know we are one day closer to winter.  Blah!  I am definitely loving every second of this hot gorgeous summer weather.  If only PA would be warm all year, that would make me one happy little nail whore.

Nails Nicole, nails....

So my lovely friend Amber (on the streets we call her Armstrong Amber, you know how we roll) and I decided to jump on the twinsie nail train and ride that sucker into the sunset.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about (happens alot, I'm starting to develop a complex) allow me to explain.  Bestie twin nails, bestie twinsies, best friends for life ride or die bitches, whatever you'd like to call it is something that started on Instagram (I think) and is a fun and simple way to showcase nail art and friendship.  2 or more girls get together and plan a manicure to do together using similar colors and designs.  The finished product is a big fat bestie twin sandwich!

Amber and I have made this a monthly thing so you will be getting BT nails once a month! ( I couldn't bring myself to say bestie twin again).  This is what we came up with for June....

Pretty dang cute eh?  Amber's beauties are on top and mine are on the bottom.

We used Essie Off the Shoulder, Essie Mint Candy Apple, and China Glaze Glistening Snow.

The gradient is very simple to do even though it looks a bit tricky.  I put down a white base and topped it with Seche Vite.  After that was dry (about 15 minutes) I took a damp makeup sponge and added my 2 Essie colors.  I dabbed that onto my nail a few times, let it dry and did a second layer.  Seche Vite on top and you're good to go!  I will have a tutorial coming up on my YouTube channel (youngwildandpolished) very soon!

If you're curious about the flowers, I do have a tutorial for them already up.

This is an old video, I will have an updated one up with my HD camera soon!

Make sure you guys check out Amber on Instagram!  She is so talented and such a sweet girl with a little side of cray which is why I love her so!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Happy Polishing my besties!!

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