Thursday, June 13, 2013

Neon Striping Tape Fun!!

Hello love muffins, I am happy to say I am finally the owner of a MacBook Air and blogging just got a whole lot easier!  The computer I was working with before was a disaster! It would take me hours just to get one post done because it was such a piece of crapola.  I am swimming in happiness right now and just had to share with you all!

So on to the nails, that's why we are all here right?  Who wants to hear about my computer woes?  Certainly not me!  Let's get crack a lackin on the nail art, focus your ass Nicole!

So I was staring at my Essie collection and trying to decide which gorgeous color to use next.  Of course I couldn't make up my mind so I decided to use 2 of my favorites and I must say, by the time I was done I was ready to smack a few mama's and deck a baby into next week!

Yummy yummy in my tummy tummy!  I combined In the Cab-ana and Cute as a Button. Turned out pretty nice considering I started with no plan at all!  

On my index and pinky finger I just crisscrossed striping tape over a white base and filled in the little "diamonds" with both colors, being careful to stay in the lines. (Suddenly I was back in kindergarten and I pictured a nun with a ruler ready to slap me into the wall if I made a mistake! EEK)

On my ring and middle fingers, I just slapped on some dots and called it a day!  If you're curious how to do either of these forms of nail art,  check out my YouTube Channel for tutorials on both methods. (shameless plug I know but a girls gotta promote herself once in a while....don't judge me people)

I have so many pictures ready for the blog, it's not even funny!  Dot has been pissed because blogging has taken a backseat due to Blogger issues and computer difficulties.  Happily both of these snags have been fixed and I cannot wait to get my large ass back in the swing of things!!

You guys very well may get sick of me posting.  I can't seem to put my new toy down.  5 posts a day a bit excessive you say?  We'll just see about that!!

I'm also happy to report that tomorrow begins my "blog revival".  I am going to update a few things and just basically clean up my blog.  Maybe some new tabs or something super exciting like that.  (yes I have no life, again with the judging, sheesh!)

If you guys try this out, please please tag me in your pic or tweet me or something high tech like that!

Happy Polishing my kittens!!

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  1. do you think you'd be able to do a tutorial for the checkered pattern here? love it!