Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where in the World has Young Wild and Polished Been??

Hi loves, I know it has been a hot ass minute since I've blogged! Allow me to explain....I was locked out of blogger for a month because some loser tried to hack my account. I spoke briefly in my YouTube Giveaway video about this....but I'm back bitches and I'm so ready for daily blogging!

I have missed you mama smackin hussies so much!! So much has happened in the last month, if you follow me on Instagram you probably already know all of this...but I'm gonna tell you anyway. (Stick with me people, this is going somewhere). I now have an active YouTube channel that I post to pretty regularly. Yep, me and my mama smackin face are all up in the camera spittin rhymes and being cray cray. My YouTube name is know what's coming next right? Yep, a pathetic "Subscribe to my channel and thumbs up this video, blah blah blah".  But really check it out if only for the laughs and the occasional piece of real nail advice! There's a pretty awesome giveaway going on right now for you lovely peoples!

I also have quit my job in the nursing field and am going to get licensed as a nail tech! Oooh exciting stuff right? I cannot wait to be able to spend my days AND nights doing nails and actually getting paid for it!! Heck, I'd do it for free but for some reason I cannot seem to get by on looks alone. Imagine that!

Classes start in a few weeks, I certainly will keep you all updated on my progress!!  I'm sure it will be quite comical at first!

No nails to show today, (boo hiss) but I am going to get my lanky arse back to blogging on the regular. I got so out of sorts with my month long hiatus that its gonna take me a day or so to get back to smackin hoes and beating the neighbors puppy. But believe you me, I am gonna get this disaster of a blog back to its young, wild and oh so polished self in no time!

Thank you guys so much for sticking with me while I was gone. I have lots of fun nails to show you and I'm even going to dip my manicured toes into the makeup pool just a little teeny weeny bit.

Water marble tutorial will be up on my YouTube channel tomorrow as well as on here! Its a long one but a good one!

I love you guys so much and I have missed all of you so day-um much!!

Gonna go practice and make sure my mama smacking hand still got it!! Wish me luck!

Happy Polishing kittens!!

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