Friday, June 14, 2013

Caution....Nail Art Overload

Hi loves, how are we all today?  I am TIRED!  I worked out in our yard pulling weeds and planting flowers all evening!  I keep waiting for the landscapers to show up but those mo fo's never seem to come.  *sigh*

So there I sat twiddling my thumbs and wondering what I could do with these funked up nails of mine.  I was really feeling like a good water marble but I was just too dang lazy to get it all going.  (There's always tomorrow right?).  And so the debate began.... A solid color?  Too plain.  A dotticure accent nail?  Too expected.  A sheer color and no nail art?  *gasp*  Too crazy for my brain to even contemplate. So I began on my path to nowhere and this is what happened....

No you're not suddenly high...this is just the craziness that is Young Wild and Polished.  I do really like it, don't get me wrong, it's just a bit cray...even for me.  It was quite simple to do and I really love these 3 colors together!

I used Sation Tardy Tart, Essie Blanc and Nars Back Room

 On my index and pinky I simply did a white base and then with a teeny tiny almost non existent brush (has anyone seen my bifocals?!), I made some zig zag designs using a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen.  Sadly I think they have been discontinued, at least around me.  They make nail art so easy, although I find a few of them to be a bit sheer.  The black one is awesome and makes me want to get violent and shiz. 

On my middle finger I put down a base of Tardy Tart (mama smacking amazing b t dubs), and then I crisscrossed striping tape and did the ol fill in the blank method.  I know a lot of you are curious to see this done in a video and I hope to have a tutorial up this weekend, possibly on this very look.

My ring finger has a black base and a traditional Dot special.  You know Dot....she always has to be the center of attention.  That spotlight stealing hussie.

Time for mama to crack daddy over the head (I got some new nail polish and it's amazing....don't hate the player, hate the game baby).  

Keep your peepers peeled for a tutorial of sorts on the "diamond nail".  But for now me and my dandelion destroyers are headed to dreamland.

Happy Polishing my loves!