Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nails Inc Porchester Square and Portobello...and Of Course Some Nail Art!

Hi muffins how are we all doing on this fine Sunday eve?  I had a busy day of super exciting yard work and husband wooing since it's Father's Day and all.  I let the hubs put up his feet and I played mom and dad for the day....let's just say I'm glad tomorrow is back to norman as my kids like to say.

My momma came up today with goodies for my honey and of course she brought lots of things for me too!  As soon as I saw the Sephora bag I knew I was in for a treat.  2 of the polishes she gave me were from Nails Inc (one of my favorite brands) and you all know I HAD to play with them immediately.

First up we have Porchester Square:

Ok, I'm officially in love!  The polish is to die for...formula is amazing and the color is so classy and mama smacking good!  I mean just look at the bottle...HELLO....need I say more?  I did 2 thin coats and no topcoat for my photo.  I absolutely love, um excuse me, lurve this color!  Nails Inc is a really great brand of polish!  Everything I have from them (I'm talking to you Baker St) I totally am obsessed with!

Next up is the lovely and talented Portobello:

Lovely color, not so lovely formula.  I had to bust out 4 coats to get this coverage.  I really love how it looks but sheesh, who has time for 4 coats?  Not this girl!  The color is pretty, but it's nothing spectacular or unique so sadly I think I'd pass on this one if I could go back in time.  I have many other coral polishes that are much more opaque and worth beating your mammy over.

You guys know I had to do some nail art with these new little additions to my life...and Dot was really being a pain so I let her take the wheel and give it a go!

I totally love this combo!

I used a dotting tool to achieve this look but you could use a bobby pin or anything you have at home that could make the rounded shape.  If you're curious as to how I get the dots nice and uniform check out my YouTube channel (youngwildandpolished) for my dotting tutorial. (shameless plug, don't judge me)

And last but not least....

Now this makes me want to beat a that wrong of me?  Good polish makes me violent for those of you new to the YWP train.  I wouldn't really beat the baby but I may give him or her a little smack when no one is looking.  Shoot me why don't ya.

For the dots, I used Essie Boom Boom Room, Essie The More the Merrier and Essie Play Date.  I love how subtle it is but still fun and playful.  This most def is gonna be my jam for the next day or 2.

Did we have fun today?  What do you guys think of these 2 beauties?  I still can't get over how gorg the bottle of Porchester Square is....why can't all polish bottles be this amazing?  Think of all the beat downs people would get!!

Until tomorrow my friends!

Happy Polishing baby dolls!!

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