Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Essie Fiji and a Little Shimma Shimma!!

Hi muffins, hope you're all having a better week than I am!  I lost my memory card last night....yes the memory card that held 3 full videos and a crapload of bloopers. I ripped apart the house and the trash and no luck.  My bottomless pit of a brain cannot recall what I did with the dang thing!  Don't you just hate when you search for something for hours and never end up finding it?  Ugh drives me batty!

Anyway, I bought a new card and all is well....AND I managed to squeeze in a pretty cute mani for you all to see!

I decided to paint my nails with one of my all time favorites, Essie Fiji, and of course I felt like smacking someone's mama but....I didn't want to beat them into next week....and that, for me, is a problem.  So I added a bit of my friends razzle and dazzle, (better known as OPI Which is Witch?) and then I went looking for my boxing gloves....

I really didn't know I was going to love this combo as much as I do!  Essie Fiji has always been a favorite of mine.  She is opaque in 2 coats with a great formula.  She's a little trickster though....most Essie's in this milky pink shade are quite sheer and really "laid back".  But Ms. Fiji is seriously pigmented and not playing around!  Your hands also look super tan when you're wearing this, never a bad thing!

OPI Which is Witch is a glitter that I have had for a few months and just got around to trying today.  I know, I know, how dare I?  I mean, come on, look how pretty that shimma is!  The formula was great, I didn't have to fish for glitter and 1 coat did me fine!  I topped everything with Seche Vite and called it a day!

Well almost called it a day.....I couldn't resist taking a macro shot of my accent nails.  I'm a sucker for glitter porn!

She is such a little ham isn't she?  I can't wait to top every upcoming mani for the next, hmmm, 20 years with this glitter!  

If you guys are interested in this beautiful glitter I'd get to the store pronto!  Which is Witch is part of the "OZ-The Great and Powerful" Collection from OPI and will only be available in stores for a limited time.  Essie Fiji is part of the core collection (thank you Jesus) and is available wherever you normally get yo Essie's!

Whaddya think about this sparkly number?  Do you guys love it as much as I do?

Happy Polishing love bugs!

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