Sunday, February 17, 2013

Never too Late for Love!!

Hi loves, how are we all enjoying the weekend?  I have been crazy busy swatching and editing!  And I am super excited to show you all these beauties coming up!

So my friend Mara has a polish collection called White Owl Lacquer.  You may remember I featured her very first collection here a little while ago.  Mara and I had discussed it and we decided I would feature her Valentine line here on the blog.  Well life happened for both of us and I am just now getting this up.  I received the polishes this week and since I only have time on the weekend to do reviews, of course Valentine's Day came and went. is eternal right?  Love isn't only on one day and since the collection is centered around love....I think I'm right on time!

So enough blabbing....let's get into these babies....

Never Let Me Go:

Never Let Me Go is a milky white base with round glitters in different shades of pink.  At first I was disappointed that I didn't use white undies under this but after 3 thin coats I actually was quite happy with how it turned out.  It is such a soft pretty look.  Even though there is glitter all through this beauty, I still felt super delicate (like a flowaaaa) wearing it.  Application was nice, I did have to do a little fishing for glitter.  But I can't complain because if this was packed full of glitter, I wouldn't have been able to achieve this super sweet girly look that I enjoyed so much!

I was curious how this would look with a white base so......

It's amazing how different this look is just with a white base!  This look is definitely more me!  Loud, super fun and polka dotted.....I think that describes my life!  Either way I really liked this polish both ways I tried it.  Can't go wrong with circle glitter!!

Come To Me:

I love this polish!!  If you aren't a fan of visible nail line (VNL) then you probably will want to use some undies under this baby.  I don't mind it and I like how it keeps with the delicate vibe that I got from this collection.  Come to Me is a super light milky baby blue base with pink and blue glitter throughout.  I love the different sizes and shapes of the glitters.  The larger blue hexes were my favorite! There also were some square iridescent glitters that I haven't yet made a decision on.  I don't know if I love them or not.  On a few nails I thought they added a little something but on a few others they seemed out of place.  Either way I love this polish, the formula was great, I didn't have to do any fishing with this baby.  I think next time I will try this with a baby blue base just for a little extra pop!

A Little Danger:

Hopefully mama is wearing a helmet cause she's about to get slapped into next week!  

A Little Danger is a glitter topper in a clear base filled with pink circle glitter and gold squares.  I love this layered over black!  My base was Nails Inc Black Taxi.  The formula was great, I didn't do any fishing for glitter!  I was quite impressed with how well the coverage was on this little lady!  I felt hot and sexy wearing this like I wanted to get into "a little danger"!!

There was supposed to be a 4th polish but Mara was having some trouble with solvent resistant bleeding glitter so hopefully I will get that one up for you once this problem is resolved.

All in all I was quite happy with this collection.  I especially love A Little Danger layered over black!! 

White Owl Lacquer can be purchased here on Mara's website.  She is such a sweet girl with a knack for great nail polish!!

Happy Polishing Loves!


  1. Love these!! I'm such a sucker for round glitter!!! Blue one is puurty.

  2. These are so awesome...I am totally in lover with all the round glitters <3

  3. Oh my god I want them all, they are just so gorgeous, I'm a little obsessed with glitter, I did a post on caviar nails but definitely want to try 'a little danger' looks amazing over black..x

  4. WOW!! I love love love love love these polishes!!! I am a sucker for anything dotty and this just blew my mind. Why oh why is this gorgeousness not available here :(