Friday, February 15, 2013

Come On Girls--Live Out Loud!

Hi loves, another quickie today but I do have 2 good long reviews coming this weekend and 2 YouTube videos so I will make up for these quick posts.

So when it comes to indies I don't have that many brands in my stash, definitely under 20. But when I find a brand I like I stick with it. (Laquerlicious is stuck with me for life). Jindie Nails is quickly becoming another favorite of mine. The formula on every single polish from this brand is amazing. (I have 4-6 of them).

And today's beauty is no different. I have had Live Out Loud in my basket waiting to swatch for months. I am so ashamed it took me this long because this is such a gorgeous polish. I want to chew my fingers off!! And the circle glitter?! Yeah, mamas gonna be in a coma after I'm through with her!

Jindie Nails can be purchased on Etsy. (my phone refuses to let me link).

And now a little Live out Loud Spam from the amazing perfect, can do no wrong, Jindie Nails.