Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nails Inc Leather Effect.....and a stop on Baker St.

Hi dolls, everyone making it through the week ok?  I'm already looking forward to the weekend!  I have 2 sick kids and I'm just waiting for it to hit me.  Gotta love winter and kids who love to share all their germs with mom and dad!  They're so generous! Little farts!

I am super excited to share this mani with you guys today.  As most of you know, I am not the greatest stamper.  I recently purchased a Bundle Monster stamper and the necessary extras (basically just plates) but I haven't quite mastered this art just yet.

Stamping basically is applying polish over a small design that is etched on a little round "plate", scraping off the excess polish, dipping your stamper onto the design and pressing it onto the nail.  I will have a more in depth post coming up on stamping and I will take pictures of all my gear and show you guys.

Have a lookie loo at my mani and then we will talk polish!

I used Nails Inc. Baker St and Nails Inc. Leather Effect.  I really really love both of these polishes!  I am not a huge fan of textured polishes such as the Liquid Sand polishes by OPI because the texture kinda kills me and they chip so bad immediately after I put them on.  This is probably the 4th time I've worn Leather Effect and it has not chipped at all and I actually really like the texture.  Even though it is a textured polish, it's really smooth.  I know, it makes no sense. But when you rub your finger along the nail, it's a little bumpy but nothing is sticking up off of the nail.  Application is a dream, this polish applies so smooth.  It is also very pigmented, I used 2 coats for this and there was no dragging or pulling and the Leather Effect dries super quick. I will definitely be using this edgy polish for many things!  If you were on the fence about this one, I highly recommend getting it!  

Baker St is certainly a mama slapper!  Totally opaque in 2 coats, she is so smooth and vibrant!  Easily my favorite cobalt blue, and trust me I have a LOT of them!  I love this shade of blue with black polish! Just looking at my nails makes me want to beat the piss out of someone (in the nicest possible way of course).

I used Bundle Monster Stamp #210 to get the look on my first 2 fingers.  I used Layla Ceramic Effect Pure Black as my stamping polish.  I don't know if this polish would normally work for stamping but because mine is getting low, it has thickened up a bit and worked really well for me.

I don't know if the stamping gods were watching me last night and just felt bad because I am so pathetic at stamping, but for some reason I had a really easy go of it.  Or I guess it could be because I am actually getting good at stamping?  Naaaah, I'll go with what's behind door number 1 Bob. 

I must tell you, I still have this mani on and I really don't want to take it off (but I will because my new KB Shimmers came in the mail, eeeek). 

Thanks for reading loves, I'll be back soon with a review on my new KB Shimmers from the Spring Collection!  Be prepared....I will be slapping random mama's over these gorgeous girls (and possibly a baby here and there).  I damn near killed my husband as I opened the package!

Happy Polishing lovebugs!


  1. Love the mani! Your stamping turned out so well! I just bought some bundle monster plates and haven't been nearly as lucky!

  2. Wow, your mani is so gorgeous! I have heard a lot of great things about the leather effect polishes <3

  3. Omg that leather nail polish looks amaze-balls!! :) I ran across your blog and love it!! Your inspiring woman!! :)