Monday, January 28, 2013

Someone's been playing with the Stamper!!

I know this is a very weird time for even me to be posting but I can't sleep....I officially can say I have insomnia.  I am up all night and then want to sleep all day....not a good schedule for someone who has 3 kids to wake at 6am and a full time job that starts at 8.  It's really flippin annoying to just lay here when I could be accomplishing something, so eff you insomnia, I'm being productive and there isn't shit you can do about it.  I'll show this mother fluffer who's boss.

Ok nails, yes this weekend I decided to get out my arch nemesis  (insert *gasp* here), the dreaded stamper and try my hand at it yet again.  Whaddya know, all those YouTube videos paid off.  Somone didn't fail miserably and crumble into a heap of big stinkin loser crap....nooooo, someone put on their big girl panties and fucking learned to stamp! (By the way, I hate bitches that talk in 3rd person, this insomnia is really a nasty bitch making me go against myself and all.

I pulled out the one stamp I have been dying to use and prayed that I could finally do the combo I have been dreaming of for months....and it worked!!  This mani has been on the brain since I got this bastard stamping set, have a look, after all you have waited long enough!

SO GOOD YOU WANNA SLAP YOUR MAMMY!!!  Not good as in, "My name's Nicole and I am a bad ass bitch, you all can sniff my butt as I rise to the top", but good as in, "I have been working on this shit for months and I finally got it and now I get to share it with all my lovelies on the blog". 

Yeah??  Yeah!!!  As soon as my Bundle Monster stamping set arrived, I went through my plates and saw BM Plate 215 and knew this little sass master was the girl for me.  I immediately wanted to pair it with red and sparkles and make it matte.  And gosh darnit that's just what I did!

My index and middle finger are covered in the gorgeousness that is OPI Liquid Sand in Stay the Night from the recently released Mariah Carey Collection. I didn't think I would like the grittiness of these polishes but I don't mind it too much. I fought the urge to topcoat and left them how they are meant to be.  I have all of the LS polishes and this is my fave, even though I think they are all pretty bad ass! I promise I will eventually get those swatches up for you patient and loving followers (sounds so cult like, I dig) of mine. 

Thumb and pinky are Layla Softouch Effects in Pure Black.  Actually the Layla bottles don't have names on them and I couldn't find a definite answer for my search at 4 am so we are going with pure black for now.  Softouch simply is neither glossy nor matte but kind of an in between.  It's the coolest finish ever!  I didn't use any topcoat for these nails (which killed me) but I didn't want to lose the effect.

Ring finger is Revlon Valentine and, as I stated, before Bundle Monster Plate 215.  I did use a matte topcoat on this nail after a coat of Seche Vite (for glossiness and to protect the stamp for dragging).  

I hope you guys like this mani as much as I enjoyed creating it!  I am so so so excited to be dipping my perfectly manicured toes into the world of stamping. Now that I'm getting the hang of it, the mani's running through my head are probably why I am awake right now at 5:12 am!

Stay tuned for more of these babies!

Happy Polishing kittens!!

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  1. love it, dammit i need that stupid snakeskin plate already.