Friday, January 25, 2013

KB Shimmer Oh Splat!....I'm finally drinking the Kool Aid!

Have I ever told you guys how much I despise winter? It just took me 3 hours to do what normally takes me about 40 minutes. UGH!!!

But it's Friday and I'm spending this entire weekend swatching, blogging and uploading videos.  It's gonna be all nails all the time, as it should be!

When I first got into nails, my first indie purchase was a white based glitter polish with multi colored glitter.  They can be found everywhere these days and I must admit I am feeling a little "been there done that" about the whole thing.

So when I saw Oh Splat! from KB Shimmer I decided against ordering, but after seeing and hearing how amazing it was I finally caved.  Am I sure glad I did!  Have a peek then I'll tell you why!

It's the formula!!! And the fact that the glitters are abundant but the polish isn't thick and gloopy.  I now see why everyone was drinking the kool aid but me.

Application was a dream, 2 easy coats and I was good to go.  Not one bit of fishing for glitter, no having to thin the polish out half way through.  I was pleasantly surprised, so thrilled in fact that I will be ordering a back up bottle this week!

For those of you looking for a good white glitter polish, this is hands down the best one out there.  Don't get me wrong....the other ones I have are nice but they're not AS nice.  The formula's lack just a little something that Oh Splat! has.  

KB Shimmer can be purchased here.  Along with this beauty are many many others that will have you slapping your freaking mammy!

What is your favorite white glitter polish?  Do you guys have any KB Shimmers that you can't live without?

Check my YouTube channel (youngwildandpolished) tomorrow for my next video's gonna be a fun one!!

Happy Polishing loves!


  1. Looks fabulous. I received my bottle from Harlow & Co today (so happy they ship to the UK) and can't wait to wear it. I have wanted it for so long now.

  2. HAVE YOU TRIED ANY OTHER KBSHIMMER?? I want to order a few...

  3. have you tried any other KBSHIMMER? I want to buy a few... :)