Monday, January 28, 2013

FAQ's of the YWP!

What up chitlins....yeah that's how I talk and some of you may be like WTF?  So today's post is a sort of "what the fuck is she talking about" kind of post.  I have lots of little inside things that people who have followed since the beginning get but for my new or recent followers, you guys are probably totally lost and ready to turn me in for beating my mother. So I'm going to do my best to answer the questions that I have been asked on IG, here on the blog and in emails.

So let's begin....

Why oh why are you beating your mother over these manicures? 

When I talk about beating the piss out of my mother you may think I have finally taken the leap into crazytown but actually when you hear this you should be excited. It means a good mani is around.  I use the phrase "So good you wanna smack your momma" which just means something is so damn good you can't stand it and you must beat someone immediately.  This has recently evolved into beating children, babies, grandparents or the always fun self mutilation.

What the eff is a "Kitchen Sink Mani"?

A KSM is a mani that has a little bit of everything going on.  Everything but the kitchen sink is included in the mani.  Get it?  I do these quite often where each nail is different but the mani is all related color wise or design wise.  It's quite fun to do and coincides with our first topic because you usually will beat a baby over a good kitchen sink mani.

Who is Dot and why are you always calling her a bitch?

Dot is my alter ego and she is the reason I can get away with being a little cray cray.  I just blame Dot.  A few of my twitter/Instagram bitches coined the term because I was always doing dotticures or polka dot mani's.  It kind of took on a life of it's own.  Dot is a hot mess and a real piece of work, but we love her just the same.

Do you really think your mani's are that good because you always seem to praise them?

I do get this alot, and I don't know why.  I am very humble when it comes to nail art.  I am still wet behind the ears when it comes to the "nail world" and I am the last person to toot my own horn.  But when I work for 3 hours on a mani and it turns out just the way I envisioned, got-dayum I am going to give myself a little pat on the proverbial back.  I do not think my mani's are anything to write home about, in fact I am still floored that you all are following and giving me all this love each and every day.  A lot of the time (well ok, all of the time) I am joking with the things I say.  If you are going to follow this blog you must have a sense of humor and take everything I say with a grain of salt. If you are looking for super serious reviews and a PG rating, you are on the wrong page my friend.

Consider this a disclaimer of sorts.  I will never apologize for the things I say because they make me well, me. I hope you all will stay and play because you all are the reason I am up at 5:30 in the morning blogging. Your comments and kind words mean more than you will ever know and I read each and every comment.  I do my best to respond but it gets a little overwhelming will all of the social networks I am keeping up with! 

And remember I am on Instagram more than anywhere else....please if you can, come visit me there!  I post a ton of pics and we have lots and lots of fun! 

There you have it folks....these are the main things I get asked about Young Wild and Polished.  I hope by now you guys know I am an off the wall, crazy about nails like no other, loyal to a fault kind of girl.  I love this nail world so much and I am having the time of my life here with you all but I do not take my self seriously and neither should you. Please don't take offense to the things I say, they are meant with a kind heart and a giggle.  I am never mean, I am never a bully but I am a foul mouthed goofball who enjoys beating the piss out of her mother.  

Until tomorrow Bitches!!!! ( I capitalized bitches cause I think you guys are super duper special and worth that big ol B!!)


  1. I just want to say I think you are all kinds of awesome, you crazy mofo and I have been beating my mother all over the land since I started reading your post! I mean, what else can you do when you love some shit like nail polish awesomeness times?

  2. I just ran across your blog TODAY - and I love you already because of this post. lol.

  3. I would name your blog the dreamland! While Santa knocks at our door celebrity dresses, tattoo shops, climbing shoes just once per year, you blog is open the whole year – wow!