Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Kitchen Sink Mani does a Body Good!

What a day!  I'm so glad to be home in my jammies getting ready to paint my nails and watch a little Dexter!  It has been pouring buckets here all day.  Ahhh good Pennsylvania weather, can't beat it!

So today's mani is the result of me purchasing a few new colors and not being able to wait to wear them.  Instead of wearing just one as a normal person would, I had to incorporate both of them into this mani.  It's the impatient Greek in me, what can I say?

But I do love how it turned out....

I originally was going to stamp something on my ring finger but I think the flowers turned out quite cute!

Colors used were: China Glaze Glistening Snow (pinky)
                            Revlon Urban (Navy)
                            Julie G Damsel (Pink)
                            OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (White)

So after a little momma smacking and kid beating, I realized that I really love pink and navy together. Revlon Urban is nice because it's not quite a deep dark navy.  Sometimes when I wear a dark blue, it ends up just looking like black and this one actually kept its nice vibrant blue color.  Urban is new from Revlon and is part of the Urban Nights/Bubblegum Days Collection.  This little lady has been outshadowed by Girly and Heavenly, 2 super fun glitters that seem to be fan favorites.  If you come across this collection make sure to pay attention to the nice creme colors and not just the glitter babies!  Urban is definitely a nice addition to any polish stash.  I can easily say it is unique in my collection!

Damsel is one of the newer polishes from Julie G.  This brand can be found at Rite Aid and is quite inexpensive but you would never know it from their polishes.  With creamy super saturated colors, you easily could confuse these for a much pricier polish.  I have yet to be disappointed with a polish from this line.  I probably have about 25 of them and I love every single one, color and formula!  And spending less than $4 for a bottle of polish....yeah...count me in!

Hope you guys enjoyed this baby as much as I did!  Stay tuned to YWP for a blog overhaul very soon!  I love posting on here but I really have to get up to par!  I have many tutorials and FAQ's I want to get "tabbed" at the top of the page.  I think a new look for the old girl will be a really great thing!  Hopefully we will have an excuse to slap the fudge out of some mama's once I'm all finished up!

Happy Polishing Loves!


  1. Oooh! That Glistening Snow is lovely!

  2. Love this. Especially love the dotted flowers nail - the colour combinations are fab.

  3. Okay I guess I need to pick up Urban. The dotted flower is so pretty.

    I like your character :)