Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saturday Swatch Spam....on a Sunday?!

Hi loves, you guys know I do lots of swatching on Saturdays and this week was no different.  I did manage to get lots done while catching up on season 4 and 5 of Dexter.  I have realized 2 things in doing this.....I have no life and....I kinda like it that way!!

 I have lots to show you today so lets get right into it.

First I'll show you a few polishes I reviewed from the Urban Decay Naked Polish Palette:


What in the name of Buttercup is going on with my pictures?  I used a new watermarking app and it gave my pictures a little border. Fucker.  Oh well, on to the polish, I'll reprimand my computer later.  

Sidecar is a flesh toned polish with a ton of silver sparkle throughout.  I really liked how it looked but I would have liked it even more just a tad bit darker.  It matched my skin just a little too well.  For some reason I felt like I should be saying "it puts the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again".  A little too much skin going on for me, but it is a gorgeous color!  Formula was nice....3 coats, no topcoat.


Yum, just fucking YUM!  You know I slapped my momma over this baby!  I really didn't think I would like this when I saw it in the bottle, but on the nail....catch me I'm falling!! Deep gorgeous brownish purpleish beat your babyish color! 2 easy coats and 1 coat of Seche Vite.


My favorite of the 3, hands down, this baby sparkled like nobody's business!  And the formula was perfect!  When I saw this one in the bottle I thought, oh great, another black polish with silver sparkle....yawn.  Yeah, I was wrong.  I love this polish! 2 coats and Seche Vite.

Next I swatched 2 Sally Hansen Polishes I purchased recently, I wasn't too thrilled with the colors but after I put them on, I realized I had a hidden treasure!

Pat on the Black:

Nice, vampy but I wish this were a little more "not so black".  If I wanted a polish to be this similar to black, why not just wear black?  I love vampy super dark colors especially on my short nails, but when you can't even see that they are deep red or deep purple....what's the point? One little drop of red or purple and I would love this.  I just wish it weren't so close to black.

Please Sea Me:

Fuck a Duck!!  I'm in love!  I've had this polish sitting on my table for a while.  I wasn't the least bit excited about it....Ermagerd, I freaking want to punch myself out for being such a loser face.  Creamy perfect formula and the most gorgeous teal blue color!!  Sally Hansen, will you marry me? 2 perfect coats, no topcoat.

Oh and you will need to double up on the basecoat with this beauty!  Seriously staining but that's to be expected with this shade.

One last color and a little nail art...

Essie Off the Shoulder:

I'm playing around with with me people.  This one looks like hair on my cuticles. Hehe.  I've found the one that I'm using, it's white and it's curved like the one above, but it's only on one nail.  I realize this above pic is over kill....was I fucking drunk? Holy crapballs!

Anyway, the color is amazing isn't it?  Once you get past my hairy cutes you can see that this pink is just divine!  A classic color that everyone should own....too bad me and Essie have broken up.  I recently found out they test on animals which makes me so so so sad.  You guys know I am a huge Essie fan but I don't think I can support or buy their products any longer after finding this out.  Anyone who knows me knows I am such an animal lover.  I'm that girl that pulls over and saves a little chipmunk from the middle of a highway.  

The list of companies that still, in this day and age, test on animals is shocking.  If you are interested, you can do a google search and see this list.  It's crazy.

Of course this is simply my opinion.  If this doesn't bother you then by all means continue as you will.  These are my feelings and I don't expect anyone else to follow suit.  Just stating my thoughts.

I will continue to occasionally use my Essie's but I will not be purchasing from the brand ever again until they stop their animal testing.

I wanted to give this gorgeous color a little "extra" something so I pulled out the striping tape..

I used China Glaze Def Defying as my second color. If you're interested in how I achieved this look, you can check out my YouTube channel (youngwildandpolished) for a striping tape tutorial.  I tried to link it but my computer hates me so....

Phew, that was alot!  Do you guys enjoy seeing swatches of colors occasionally or do you want nothing but nail art?  I enjoy doing these swatches but I'd like to know how everyone else feels.

Have a good week guys!

Happy Polishing Loves!


  1. Loving the "Silence of the Lambs" reference! Lmao

  2. Oh I didn't know that about Essie :( boo.... Great swatch spam though, those Urban Decay polishes look great!