Monday, November 12, 2012

Flowers for a Friend!

Hi kiddos, how are we doing on this lovely Monday night?  Did everyone survive the dreaded first day of the work week?  Here's to hoping this week flies by! 

Last night I received a message on Twitter from my friend Ally over at Reach For the Polish.  She is a sweet hilarious chica that I have met in my nail polish travels.  So she sends me a link telling me to go check out her blog post.  I was floored when I read what she had (probably in a drunken stupor, hehe) typed about lil old me.  She had dedicated a blog post to me and said some of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me. Here is the post  that melted my cold little heart.

  I was and still am somewhat shocked at the downright love I have received since I have started this blog, and the amazing women I have met.  I couldn't stop thinking about all the lovely things Ally had written, even today while at work.  So I decided that I, in turn, owed Ally something to say thank you.  Since she resides in New Zealand, I couldn't exactly drop her a bouquet of flowers, so in true nail blogger form, this is what I came up with.


oh thanks super large picture for showing up yet again!



For this mani I did my favorite, and I guess my trademark, dot flowers.  The colors I used were Revlon Raven Red, Lime Crime Milky Way, and Revlon Knockout.  For those of you interested in recreating these very simple (I swear) flowers, there is a tutorial tab on my blogs home page.  They honestly are very easy to do with a dotting tool, bobby pin or something with a rounded end that you could dot with.  The combinations are endless color wise.  I think I have done this mani or something very similar about 100 times, but each time it is so unique due to my different color choices.  The flowers I did this time were done with my largest dotter.  If you want a more delicate look, you can simply use a smaller dotter and spread the flowers out a little more. 
Please go check out Ally's blog, she is absolutely hilarious and so kind hearted.  She's obviously a bad judge of character but we can let that slide can't we? :) 
This one is for you Ally Cat....Flowers for a very sweet girl that I am proud to call my friend!!
Happy Polishing Loves!!