Friday, November 9, 2012

Getting Back to Basics....Essie Polish and Water Marbling!

Well lookie here at this lady blogging 2 days in a row. *Pig flies by*  What the heck is going on here?  I mean, I am currently locked in the bathroom complaining of stomach pains to my kids and hubby when in actuality I feel perfectly fine.  So sad the lengths us mothers must go through to get a little peace and quiet. 

When I first started blogging, my main focus was water marbling.  It was the thing that got me into nails, nail polish and the whole shebang.  You can say it was my gateway drug into this crazy polish world that I live and breathe.  But I realized that I have strayed from my first love and for that I am sorry.  I love marbling so much, but for me it is really a simple thing.  This may not come out right, but I've wanted to challenge myself by doing new things, and marbling for me is old hat. 

I know a lot of you struggle with water marbling and for that I am sorry.  I wish I could bring you all to my house and show you how simple it is if you have all the initial basics down pat.  I do have a tutorial tab on the blog here but someone told me it is not working.  As soon as I am done with this post I will look into fixing it. 

Last night my hubby said to me, "honey, why haven't you done that water thing lately?"  Ok, if the hubs is noticing that I am slacking on my marbling, we definitely have a problem.  I could walk in the house with Alexander Skaarsgard (my on the side lover, back off heffers) on my arm totally buck ass naked and Tony wouldn't realize it.  Yes, Houston, we certainly do have a problem.  So here you go my first love, my truest love, the one who never lets me down.....An Essie Water Marble, just for you!

ah, yes there you are large picture that isn't supposed to be large

Sorry for the lack of be honest, I only did this marble to see how Essie She's Picture Perfect was at marbling.  I had initially planned to do totally different colors.  But as you can see she marbled very nicely along with Essie Mohito Madness, one of my favorite Essie colors.  I have found that when I marble, I have a much easier time if I use all polishes from the same line or brand.  All Essies, or all Revlons, etc.  Not sure why this is but things go really well when you keep this in mind.
 SPP is a gorgeous lilac color that has the always pretty opal sheen to it.  The formula is great, very light at first but builds up nicely with 2 thin coats.  Mohito Madness is a creamy heavenly green that I have loved since the second I saw her sitting in CVS.  I am a huge fan of cream polishes as most of you already know, and she is a very lovely cream, with a great formula and lots of pigment.  My ring and pinky are 2 thin coats of  buttery goodness!
She's Picture Perfect is much darker than it appears in the pics.  Water marbling is, of course just using a very thin layer of the polish.  On the nai, 2 coats of SPP is a little bit darker with a pretty opal sheen.  I suck at life and didn't swatch this one for you guys.  Forgive me please!
I've been meaning to let you guys know about this and I keep forgetting....Some of you probably already know that I have an Instagram account with the same user name as the blog, Young Wild and Polished.  I post a ton of pics to my IG account, many that don't ever make it to this blog.  I'd love for you guys to pop over to IG and follow me.  You will get to see lots more nail designs and the occassional outfit of the day or self portrait.  (Contain your excitement at the thought of seeing this mug up close and personal).  Instagram can now be reached from your home PC, Ipad, laptop, whatever you use.... instead of something that is only for smart phone users.  At least this is what I am told.  And I'm pretty sure you don't have to have an IG account to cruise around and look at pics although you will need one if you want to comment on anything.  Hope to see you all there!
Alright kids, I'm off to finish part 2 of my Julie G Christmas Post.....Happy Polishing and Happy Instagramming!!!


  1. absolutely love your nail designs!

    --i tried marbling the other day... it was such an epic fail... don't know how you make it look so easy!

  2. Your watermarbling is just amazing! xx

  3. And I meant to say my Tony (snaps:)) struggles to remember what colour my eyes are sometimes. Mind you his defence is that he reckons he doesn't notice anyones eye colour. Bizarre or what. Eye colour is usually the first thing I notice!