Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dots Dots and...yep, More Dots!!

Hi lovebugs, how are we all?  I'm so glad to get to talk to you all tonight!  My computer sucks a big one and just does not want to work for me.  I also have been cray cray with week between work and life in general.

The mani I have for you guys tonight is one of my all time favorites.  I didn't have any clue as to what I was going to do and this fun mani just kind of happened.  Dot also took over and we all know what happens then.  (For those of you not familiar, Dot is my alter ego, she also happens to be a huge bitch).  You will hear me (and friends) speak of her quite often.  Everyone loves Dot!

Have a look at my mish mash polka dots and then we will talk....


Oh yay, there you are super large picture that stalks me!



Sorry I went a little picture crazy.  I just really really like this mani!  You guys know I don't like to toot my own horn, but I think I will just give a little honk tonight.  *baby toot*  
So for this little dot frenzy, I used a no name Elf polish.  It's the burgundy one that I'm holding.  I don't get why companies don't put names on polishes sometimes?  I mean how hard is it?  I could name this sucker in 30 seconds.  The cream color I used is Lime Crime Milky Way, a gorgeous neutral.  I ordered the set of Lime Crime pastel polishes and this was the neutral they included.  If you haven't heard of  Lime Crime, I advise you to get your sweet little heiney's over there right now.  They have really cool stuff.  The set of polishes I got have 7 polishes in gorgeous saturated pastel colors that are so bright and creamy, they seem to be lit from within!  You will surely see many of them on this blog!  The yummy blue color on my middle finger is Revlon Fashionista.  I am slightly obsessed with Revlon polishes this week.  I bought a bunch of them a few days ago to add to my already large Revlon collection.  I am super happy with all of them.  I am a huge fan of cream finish polishes and Revlon is one of the best in the polish world!
On my ring and pinky fingers, I used striping tape to guide me with adding the accent design.  I simply taped it off, put on a fairly thick coat of polish, let that dry and dotted away.  I purchased my striping tape at Born Pretty Store.  You can also get it on Ebay or Amazon.  I would advise Amazon if you are in the US.  Born Pretty is based in Hong Kong and I waited almost 2 months to receive my very small order.  I have ordered from Amazon (not striping tape, but polishes and other odds and ends) and I have had the packages within 5-6 days tops!  Their shipping is what's up!
Dot certainly went a little crazy with this one, but I think she did a fab job.  All of the polishes I used are definitely momma smackers, although the Elf polish has a super short brush that made me feel like a giant painting an enormously large set of nails.  I'm already 6 feet tall barefoot, I don't need to feel like any more of a glamazon than I already do.  Yes, I said glamazon, work with me here people. 
Alright kiddos, I know I promised the remaining polishes from the Julie G Christmas Collection. I haven't been able to get them swatched and nail art-ed (fake word of the day, holla) yet but I promise I will have them up Saturday for you all to drool over! 
Until tomorrow my little nail lovers.  Happy Polishing!!!


  1. The mani's that you don't know what the hell you are doing as you are making them are always the best.
    This is crazy amazing. I'm so in love with everything aboout it.


  2. wow, I really like what you do on your blog!! you always have nice ideas!!