Sunday, November 4, 2012

Christmas a Little Early...Julie G Christmas Collection

What's happening nail lovers?  Everyone keeping their cutes nice and moisturized in this frigid weather?  (I assume since it is freezing in PA it must be freezing everywhere).  All you warm weather lucky ducks, keep your healthy cuticles to yourselves.

So a few months ago I discovered a polish line at Rite Aid called Julie G.  I grabbed 2 polishes just cause the colors were nice, brought them home and they sat.  They got pushed to the back of the line as all the fancy OPI's and Essie's bullied their way to the front of my stash.  Well I pulled out one of these little babies the other day getting ready for my saturday swatch day.  I can now safely say, Julie G, you are in the front row of my stash and I hope you can forgive me for neglecting you for so long.  I am almost ready to say that this is my new favorite brand of polish, like not just drugstore brand, but brand brand!  Julie G is what's up, as my 16 year old would say. 

So today I have the first 3 polishes from the Christmas line.  Tomorrow I will do the last 3.  When I saw this line in the store, I thought they were pretty but I wasn't doing backflips.  After using them, I did a backflip round off mix and I slapped my mama as I stuck the landing....

First up is the lovely Gift Wrapped ...

Thanks for joining us super large picture that makes me look like I don't know what I'm doing, so glad you made it!
I really tried to capture the shimmer in this beauty.  My fingers were twinkling like crazy!  The color is very pretty, a deep pink, what I want to call magenta.  I'm not the greatest at being technical with polish colors, I know it's dark pink and I know it's really flippin pretty.  What got me was the formula.  The above pics are 2 coats, and those 2 coats went on like silk.  Even as I played around with getting more shimmer to a few spots, I had no spotting, no pulling, just perfect polish that dried to a shiny finish.  I didn't even need topcoat, and I always use topcoat.

Next we have Big Red Bow....




The whole time I was applying this polish, I kept thinking of the naughty lingerie that looks like a sexy Mrs. Clause outfit, haha, it's the perfect color. 
I am not a fan of red polish.  I have gotten a lot better with it lately, I actually have a few reds that I like quite a bit.  This happens to be my new favorite red!  It is perfect for the holidays.  Again, major shimmer and a formula that can't be beat.  Above picture is 2 thin coats.
A lot of reds that I use, even though they are obviously not a light color, leave the dreaded visible nail line **gasp**.  It must just be a red thing.  I was pleasantly surprised when this little lady covered perfectly and totally opaque in 2 thin coats. 
Finally we have my favorite of the bunch Light It Up, which also happens to be the glitter of the bunch.  I didn't do a full mani of just the glitter, but I did accent both of the above polishes and I also have a little extra treat for ya!

Light It Up with Gift Wrapped:



I was very surprised that this glitter was as versatile as it was!  I have to be honest, when I saw this I almost passed right by it. Who needs another multi colored glitter in a clear base?  In fact, it took me 3 trips to Rite Aid before I bought it.  I am so so so glad I did. 
This glitter is made up of multi colored hex glitters, small and medium in size.  Also mixed in are tiny silver micro glitter.  Out of all of the colored glitters I own (which happens to be waaay too many), I have to tell you, this is a front runner for favorite!  There was no curling of glitter and application was a dream.  In the above pics, I didn't use tape to get this look, I simply dabbed and dabbed until I got it right.  At no point did the glitter get clumpy or thick and messy.  I don't know that I've ever had that happen.

Light It Up with Big Red Bow:



Isn't this so pretty?  I usually am not one for glitter over a color other than basic black, but I am so obsessed with this glitter, I am ready to sprinkle this beetch on my salad!  Every color of the rainbow is in this little bottle of goodness!  I could go on and on about Light It Up!  Have I mentioned that these polishes by the amazing Julie G retail for $3.99?  Yeah, I know, amazeballs!
Here is a mani that I did just yesterday using Julie G Stiletto and the lovely Light It Up....
I know it's not a Christmas color but I couldn't resist.  My ring finger is an example of Light It Up being used as a full coverage glitter.  2 coats and she was good to go!! I just dabbed the glitter to get the gradient effect on the other nails. 
Thank God my mom was out of town, cause she would have gotten the beating of a lifetime!  Hehe
So for the first 3 polishes, I must say Julie G has hit a home run!!  The colors are gorgeous and the most important part of the collection in my mind, the ever present single glitter polish is hands down one of the best I have ever used!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that this line comes out with many more glitters because they truly are on to something great!!
The final 3 polishes will be coming soon!  Look forward to more gorgeous colors and great formulas! 
Happy Polishing and Happy Julie G Hunting!!!





  1. Ooh, this makes me want to run to my nearest RiteAid! I had no idea they were this nice! I love doing the corner glitter accent look too. It looks so nice!

  2. I'm a new Fan! Love Gift Wrapped & Stiletto & Light it up. Going tomorrow for a Rite-aid haul

  3. AHAHAHAHAH "After using them, I did a backflip round off mix and I slapped my mama as I stuck the landing" I'm dying. This whole post is worth reading for this sentence alone ... oh, and the polishes are great, too.

  4. I love them all & your nails are just beautiful!