Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Pre Thanksgiving Momma Smacker!

Hello my loves, I did not desert internet was out for the past week.  I could only pick up wifi on my phone and I'm not smart enough to know how to blog from my phone yet.  So I apologize, I did so many cute nail designs this past week and was so upset I couldn't share with my little nail freaks!  I did post on Instagram, so hopefully you all follow me on there. There are so many momma smacking polishes and nail art that we need to discuss, I may have to blog twice a day for awhile! 

Ok, fun stuff now...NAILS!! I did this mani a few days ago, kind of by accident but I really like how it turned out!  Have a peek then we'll chat...


The day after I did these someone on IG actually told me it was Mickey's birthday!  What a coincidence!!  Happy Belated Birthday Micks!!!
This mani started when I swatched Essie She's Pampered, which is the red I used in this design.  I put it on all my nails and said to myself, "holy balls, this polish is gorgeous and it's screaming for Mickey ears".  Not word for word but you get the drift. The accent nail is done with OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Milani Black Swift.  This is one of the cutest designs I have ever done but it looks so time consuming right?  I did my regular old dots on 3 of the 4 fingers.  On the accent nail I put on 2 coats of MBSW and let that dry.  I then added a few large dots with Black Swift.  Before the dots dried, I took my medium dotter and added the ears by making 2 small dots beside each other.  See, super simple but totes adorbs.  ( I really hate myself for using that phrase but for some reason I can't erase it, don't judge me people.)
This was my first ever Disney or cartoon-ey nail art.  I am quite happy with how it turned out.  Anyone can do this mani, I promise it is not hard.  If you guys do try it, make sure to tag me in it!! I love seeing everyone's nail art!
One more quick thing before I peace out....The other day I got a message on Twitter from my friend Susan. 
Those are my nails on Orly's Official Facebook Page!!!!
Can you guys believe this?  Orly chose my picture to feature on their FB page!  I was/am so beyond excited and flattered.  It really is an honor to have a major brand feature my lil ol nails!   I still have a hard time believing that people are really truly interested in what I do with my nails. It really makes me so happy and inspired more than you know!
Thank you guys for sticking by me even though I ditched you all this past week.... not by choice!  I am so happy to be back in bidnizzz!! Lots of kick ass nails to come....I hope you guys have an amazing Thanksgiving.  Stuff your sweet little faces full of turkey!
Happy Polishing and Happy Turkey Day!!!


  1. Funny, my blog post today is Minnie nails! Looks like Mickey and Minnie were all over the internet this week ;) Great job!

  2. I feel like I'm missing out on a mickey/minnie mani!! I think I need to do one too :P Super cute by the way and well done on the Orly Facebook post :D