Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Spam-ful Tuesday! Picture Heavy Post!

Hello buttercups, how are my little nail whores today? I'm off work and couldn't be happier!  Had a dr's appointment so I decided to take the entire day.  And what a snowy crappy day it is!  I envy all of you in warm climates, I am so freaking jealous!!

On the weekends, I usually set Saturday aside as my swatching day.  For those of you not aware of this term, swatching is when us nail bloggers/crazies put a polish on, take a few pictures and take it right off.  And it only involves painting the nails included in the photo, my poor thumb is oh so neglected!

So I did a ton of swatching this weekend due to the craziness of my mother.  Allow me to explain....I went to Ulta on Saturday and found the Layla Ceramic Effect and Softouch Effect polishes.  (I will go into detail about what the difference is in a minute).  Once I tried these beauties, I was sold and wanted to grab a few more.  Enter my mother (wearing a neck brace no less due to a polish related smacking).  I asked her to grab me 2, yes just 2 Layla's that I had liked....this is what came through the door 2 hours later....

Needless to say, Francine got a good ol' smacking for this!!  I damn near beat her senseless! 
Before I begin let me tell you the difference between the 2 finishes:
Ceramic Effect is a super smooth effect.  Layla's website says this: "perfectly smooth nails in one motion.  A polish with a professional finish that doesn't require a base coat." 
Softouch Effect is a matte finish that doesn't require a base or a top coat.
And now I present to you my Layla Swatch Spam!!
First up we have my favorite of the bunch, Ceramic Effect in Miami Green:



This polish applied like a dream and I totally am in love with this bright blue color.  I've said before if I am spending more than $10 on a polish, I want to know I am using a good brand. (These retail for between $10 and $15).  You can definitely tell with this brand! Application was great and the colors are to die for!  I am sold!  Above pics are 2 coats, no topcoat.
Next up is Miami Green's sister, Aqua Zen:

The finish on this little lady is not quite matte, but almost a rubbery finish.  I am not a huge fan of matte polish but I really really like these Softouch polishes!  The finish is like nothing I have ever seen.  Above picture is 2 coats, no base and no topcoat.
Ceramic Effect in Vamp Red is a creamy deep red color that I fell in love with as soon as I put it on. I can't wait to do a full mani and some nail art with this pretty lady! I do think she would stain your nails though so I recommend a base coat.  The little bit of polish I got on my skin beside my nail was stained immediately! So worth it though in my opinion!

Can I change my favorite to this one?? This is a wonderful color for fall and winter.  Formula is amazing as they all were!  2 coats, no topcoat.  

Feast your eyes on Ipanema Girl, the shocker of the bunch!


I was very surprised that I liked this one as much as I did.  The formula was great and the shimmer was just momma slappin good (cut to Francine in a wheelchair wearing a neckbrace).  2 coats, no topcoat.
Ceramic Effect Butterfly Effect is a pretty purple color filled with tiny little flakies.  I never got on the flakie bus but this polish I love! Again, I was so sad to have to take this off!


Pretty right?? Even with the flakies in this, the polish went on so smoth!  I must apologize for slapping my beautiful mother, especially over polishes that she bought for me.  What a bitch!  2 coats, no base and no topcoat.


Finally we have Ceramic Effect in Bally Sky, a mermaid green with a formula that just don't quit!

I have many many polishes similar to this one, but I must tell you, the formula on this one is tops!! The color is so incredibly gorgeous that you have to smack someone...a friend, a baby, a pet, I don't care who but someone is getting bitch slapped! And the best part...this is 1 coat, yes 1 coat of buttery shimmery heaven!  Can I change my favorite again?  1 coat, no topcoat.
I will have the rest of my Layla haul very soon!  If you guys are looking for gorgeous saturated polishes with amazing formulas then you really need to invest in these babies!  I am extremely happy with every single one that I have!
Happy Polishing Loves!!!



  1. I seriously don't own a single Layla... but you have made me want them all I am not looking forward to the rest of your Layla haul because it may lead me to living under a bridge.

  2. those are all so pretty!! I have yet to own layla polish but now WANTING some so damn badly! thank a lot!! lol :)