Saturday, November 24, 2012

Zoya Aurora and Storm are the Best of Friends!

As I type this I am hoping everyone survived Black Friday.  I heard a few reports of people getting beaten and trampled and I had to stop and wonder where a few of my friends were at.  I'm not above beating someone over a bottle of nail polish so I'm totes not judging.  I just find it comical that we celebrate being thankful for what we have, then we turn around and crowbar someone for a $5 toaster.  The good ol USA!!

But on to more important things....Zoya Aurora and Zoya Storm!!

Sorry the lighting made me look like an oompa loompa...but captured the polish just right, go figure!


Here are a few of my right hand...I'm trying to get her used to being in front of the camera, she is quite shy!



I love these 2 colors together so much!!!  I certainly will be inviting my mother over for a smacking session!  And this wasn't nearly as hard as it looks.  All you need is striping tape and a little patience.  I did different designs but tried to keep it somewhat uniform by matching up 2 fingers here, 2 fingers there. 
For those of you not "down" with striping tape, here's a brief rundown of what I did....
First I put on 2 coats of Aurora and topped that with a coat of Seche Vite.  You can use any fast drying top coat.  I love love love me some Seche, I never use anything else.  Here are a few shots of Aurora all by herself like a big girl!



Every time I wear Aurora I am amazed at her beauty!  She is probably, well definitely in my top 5 most sparkly, glitterly, gorgeous, easy to work with polishes.  ( I just made this category up, don't sass me people). 
Ok, back to the steps...Once this was dry, after about 10 minutes, I taped off my nails with my striping tape, doing one nail at a time.  Once you have your tape pressed down nice and close, especially at the cuticle area, put on a fairly thick coat of your second color, in my case Zoya Storm.  As soon as you are done applying Storm, carefully remove your tape. ( I use cuticle nippers to do this to keep my hands clean).  Repeat this for all your nails, doing only one at a time, and removing the tape as soon as you are done applying that second color.  If you wait until your second color dries, you will have really crappy looking lines, and possibly will pull half of the polish off.  We don't want to do that!
Wait at least 10 minutes before top coating!  If you don't you will smudge your hard work, and hell hath no fury like a smudged mani!! Put on a nice coat of Seche or your favorite topcoat and you are all done!!
Not so bad right?  If you guys decide to do this please tag me in your pics!  This is a really fun way to use these 2 beauties together!  And they certainly play well with each other!  I was really pleased with the end result!  I received so many compliments on these yesterday at work and at the store.  I swear I had to dodge a few public smackings from total strangers.  The nerve of people I tell ya!!
Have a good weekend kiddos, and as always, Happy Polishing!!

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  1. Hi There, I didn't know where to ask this so Ill try here. Before purchasing Seche Vite for the first time, I heard there was a learning curve. I have it now and don't quite understand what that is. I've been having problems with after a day it completely chipping off. Is there a way to prevent that? What is the best way to apply it? Also, I purchased a few polishes over the weekend that I think you might like r maybe you already do. Sinful Colors: Let's Talk, Sugar Sugar, and Out of this World. Orly's Royal Velvet. China Glaze's Reggae to Riches.