Friday, October 19, 2012

Yoga-ta see This Water Marble

Hello hello!! We made it to Friday!  Yay!! And I have nothing planned this weekend except for lots of swatching and nail art-ing (hmm, new word of the day?).  I love weekends like that, where no one has a baseball tourney hours away, no birthday parties, no in laws to pacify.  Just me, my jammies, and a 2 day love affair with lots of new polishes!

So this week was crazy busy for me.  By the time I sat down to paint my nails, it was going on 10:00, and trust me, 5 am comes really quick as you all know.  I wanted to do a water marble, (when do I NOT want to do a water marble?) but I knew I didn't have enough time so I did just accent fingers.  I thought I would dislike but it turned out nice and it was just enough to give my mani a little ooommph!


I really really love this blue polish!  It's OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue hence my title for this post.  The WM was done with OPI Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs (pink) from their Germany Collection and The Temptress' Touch (green) from Loreal's Project Runway Collection. I also used Yoga-ta in the WM as you can see.  I was quite pleased with the way it turned out.  The colors marbled together beautifully, although The Temptress' Touch which is a shimmery gold-y green was looking more yellow than I had hoped as it blended with the magenta in Suzi. 
I recently purchased Yoga-ta get this Blue and I am so glad I did.  I do have a lot of deep shimmery blue polishes like this but I just can't get enough.  Application was a dream and the deep opaque color makes me.....wait for it....want to smack somebody's mammy.  My mother has taken enough abuse, I am moving on to friends' mothers now.
Here is a shot of my rarely seen, and very offended right hand.

I had to give her a little love, she is always brushed aside for her much lovelier sister.
Do you guys like the accent finger?  Coming up this weekend, I have a few Halloween mani's to share.  I am not a huge fan of Halloween, but I'm trying to be a good blogger and get in the spirit. 
Happy Polishing and Happy Weekend-ing!!!


  1. This looks great as an accent nail! one of my fav navies too :)

  2. Beautiful water marbling as well as that blue is amazing!

  3. Those are very nicely done accent nails!

  4. Love the accent! I've been looking for a Navy color-this is a MUST! ;) thanx!