Saturday, October 20, 2012

Delicate Flower Mani...and the Usual Weekend Psychosis!

Hello loves, is everyone enjoying their Saturday?  I certainly am.  I'm attempting to relax but I have 2 children fighting directly in front of me...they might as well just jump on my face and wrestle there... and another child telling me how much life sucks (He's 16, doesn't everything suck at 16?) 

So I retreated to the bathroom, locked the door and pretended I had been struck with a severe intestional illness.  "Don't come close or you will be pooping your brains out"....yeah, they definitely pounded concrete after that comment.  So here I sit on the bathroom floor, peace and quiet all around....I do feel bad for my poor husband the trenches. But this mani I have to show you just can't wait...



You guys.....I freaking LOVE this mani!! It is definitely in my top 5!!  I don't mean to toot my own horn but-- wait, yes I do.  A good self induced horn tooting is good from time to time.  *TOOT*  *TOOT*   I used Butter London Sprog (blue), Essie Yogaga (tan) and Essie I am Strong (pink) for this little delicate flowa.  The index and pinky are simply dotted with a very light hand and a super tiny dotter.  On the middle finger I simply dotted some tiny flowers.  I did them the same way I normally do but I used a much smaller dotter and spaced them out a little bit more.

Sprog is a polish I picked up last week, after eyeing it up for weeks or maybe even months.  It did not disappoint.  Formula was heaven and all I needed were 2 thin coats for perfectly opaque nails.  Yogaga I have used before, it's nothing to write home about, just a basic light tan.  Good coverage, a little streaky.  I definitely will not be slapping my poor mother over this one.  Hasn't she suffered enough for you people?  I am strong, the pretty pink on my ring finger is from Essie's 2012 collection of the same name.  It's a nice pastel pink with decent application.

I am quite proud of this mani.  Who knew Dot could be so delicate?  I will be trying this look out with different color combinations.  I do really like the delicate design paired with the muted colors.  What colors do you think would look good with this delicate nail art?

Happy Polishing and Happy Mama Slapping!!  Now off to save the hubby! 


  1. This is absolutely spectacular. It's beautiful but modest nail art, I love it!! I've never tried flowers using a dotting tool... great idea.

    You're hilarious by the way, good for you - clever escape.

  2. Oh my, this is one of my top favorites too. I hope you don't mind if I pin it and use it as inspiration of another mani at a later date! I love it! If I do post it on my blog, I'll credit you. Beautiful!

  3. I love this manicure! It's too cute :)

  4. yup, totally support your bathroom strategy! x

  5. I'm loving these colors together. Lovely mani :)

  6. How do you do the flowers