Thursday, October 18, 2012

Glitter Anyone? LA Splash Oceans Fairy

Howdy homies, how is everyone?  As you can see I'm feeling a little country gangsta tonight.  I was inspired by the farmer I saw riding his tractor down the road 5 miles an hour (of course) while blasting Jay-Z.  Gotta love a good hip hop farmer!

So the other day I was at Christmas Tree Shops looking for some fall decor and I saw that they had a major nail polish department!  Tons of Color Club, Loreal, more Orly than I've seen at Sally's and an array of others.  One brand they had was LA Splash.  I had never heard of this brand but I figured I would try one out.  For $2 I couldn't resist.  I should have known they were good polishes when I saw a really classy lady stuffing them into her sweatshirt when no one (but me, suckaaa) was looking. I mean, that should have been a sign right?  I really wish I had gotten more, I am totally 100% in love with this nail polish.....





Look at that shimmer!!
I kind of am obsessed with this nail polish!  It is the most gorgeous pine tree green (as someone said on IG).  This is only 2 coats!  It applied like butta baby!  Usually glitter is a real pain in the arse, but not this one.  It went on smoothly with no pulling or dragging.  Again, a real smack your mama kinda color.  My poor mother is getting the crap beat out of her lately, but I mean what can I do? 
You can bet your bottom dollar *pulls out red wig and begins to sing the theme to Annie* , ahem,  that I will be visiting good ol' Christmas Tree Shops this weekend and grabbing a few more of this brand!  There were a couple more glitters similar to this one, hopefully Ms. Sticky Fingers didn't clear out the stock!
What do you guys think of this one?  Is it me or is this the greatest green glitter polish eva??  I can't wait to do some Christmas nail art with this little lady!
Happy Polishing home skillets!


  1. Haha your poor mama!!! This is a great colour though, I've seen LA Splash in drugstores here... Hmmmmm!! *Gets in car and pulls off, tires squealing*

  2. Pretty! Pretty! I've never seen this brand before.

    1. Thanks! I hadn't either but it's really a nice brand!! The consistency of this glitter filled polish was perfect.

  3. LOLOL at the gangsta farmer. Hilarious!! I'm in love with this polish! Just might have to pick it up ;0).

  4. So pretty! Thanks for sharing this one!

  5. So pretty! I have lots from this brand and need to start wearing them :)