Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mish Mash Mani aka The Taxicab

Hi loves, how are my peeps?  I realized today driving home from work (at 5:30) that it was already getting dark.....eeek, I want summer back.  I despise winter.  Love Christmas, hate winter.  I hear people in PA say they can't imagine celebrating Christmas in the heat....well, I could.  I can see me and Dot on the beach, sipping an egg nog daiquiri while my hubby did the Christmas shopping.  Yeah THAT'S definitely a dream!

Oh how I digress....the nails, the nails, yes that's why we are here.  So last night when I sat my fine self down to do my nails, I was drawing a bit of a blank.  I knew I wanted to do a mish mash mani (a little bit of everything) but I had no idea what.  Then I remembered that the lovely little Radha from The Polish Owl had sent me Humble Bee by Nail Venturous a few weeks ago and I hadn't tried it yet.  And so this mani was born!


See taxicab nails right?  I know they're a little cray cray (yep, still my favorite word, well technically words, but yeah, um word) but I really love them!  Isn't it nice when a mani turns out better than you thought it would? 
The black polish I used for my middle and pinky finger is Milani Black Swift. You guys know I love these Milani High Speed Fast Dry polishes.  This is one coat!!!  It is so good!! It's super shiny and a one coater.  Yeah, I'll definitely sign on the dotted line. On my middle finger I (Dot) slapped on a few white dots with Milani White on the Spot. I tried to keep Dot out of this one but the heffer overpowered me.  She is stronger than she looks, especially when being threatened with a dot free mani.  On my pinky I did a few fun little lines in different directions that just kind of happened.  I didn't want to do more dots, *gasp* and this is what came out when I grabbed my tiny little art brush.  Kinda tribal no?
On my ring finger and thumb I have 2 coats of China Glaze Sunshine Pop.  I'm not a yellow girl, but I do love me some Pop!  It's not a streaky blotchy mess like most yellows and look how bright it is!  I do feel like I should be on stage with a half shaved mohawk and bright red lips rocking out ala Pink or Gwen Stefani.  On top of that I have one coat of Lush Laquer Salt N Peppa, quite possibly my favorite glitter in the history of glitters.  It is so versatile and I can't seem to stop using it. I immediately feel super cool when I have it on.  It's totally bad ass!

On my ring finger I have the beautiful Humble Bee.  I am so excited to own this polish!  I was afraid the formula would suck and I would be very disappointed.  Just the opposite!  It went on like a dream and I am head over heels in love.  I never thought I would say that about a black and yellow polish but alas I am a changed woman!  I did wait about 5 minutes in between coats just to be sure there would be no clumping or pulling, and this did the trick!  All pics are 3 coats of HB with 2 coats of Seche Vite.   


Do you guys like this one?  Will you not try this for fear of getting the insatiable urge to drive a cab?  Fear not friends, I still have this mani on as I type and I haven't tried to pick up any strangers, although there was an incident involving Dot and a bread truck driver but that is totally unrelated and for another day. 
Humble Bee is sold by Ninja Polish.  It is tough to get but you can get onto an email list to be notified when it is available. Salt n Pepa can be purchased from Lush Lacquer in their Etsy store.  They have many other drool worthy glitter polishes that you must see!!
Also be sure to check out my friend Radha at The Polish Owl.  She rocks!!
Happy Polishing loves....oh and don't forget to tip your driver!


  1. This is so cute I love it! Especially humble bee! I need to snatch this one up!

  2. This is cute! And not a Dot in sight? Did you lock her in her room?

  3. So amazing! I love each and every nail... very nice job! :)