Sunday, October 14, 2012

My First Black and Tan Water Marble...a Success!!

Hi loves, I feel like I haven't talked to you all in forever.  Why must life be so darn crazy?  I have so much swatching to do, and all I want to do is nail art....and marbling.....and dotting (of course).  Oh speaking of dots, do you like the changes I made to my blog?  If you haven't figured this out, I am very computer illiterate, like very, and the fact that I did that all by myself had me once again tooting my own hort! (And Dot's horn, she inspired the dots, the crazy old heffer).

So lately I have really been into dark vampy water marbles.  I usually find myself using bright colors or pinks, blue, whatever...but I rarely use black, unless it is used as a teeny tiny little accent.  But all I want to do these days is marble with black.  Thinking back on my previous marbles, I realized I never did a black and tan one and it sounded quite lovely...have a goosey gander...

For this little lady I used Zoya Cho, a very pretty shimmery tan.  If you are in the market for a pretty neutral color, this would be great.  I used this as my base under this marble, and I almost didn't want to cover it, it was so beautiful!!
It's hard to see the shimmer in this pic, but I promise you, it is there!!
The second color I used was Essie Licorice, my go to black polish when I am marbling.  It always spreads well and works well with other brands.  Sometimes with WM, if you mix brands, they won't play nice together. (Sounds like Dot, she is such a hot mess). They almost just freeze up and refuse to make that bullseye that we so badly need when marbling.  Essie Licorice is a team player!!
I love how this looks as if I used 3 or more colors when I only used the tan and the black.  That's the beauty of water marbling, you can create such different unique looks with something as simple as black and tan polish. 
By the way, I made a tab on the home page of my blog for the water marble tutorial that I did a while back.  I had loads of people asking me for it, so I figured it would just be best to give it a place to call home.  Be sure to check it out if you need help with marbling.  A few friends have told me that it really helped them, which makes me so so happy!!! The more marblers in this world, the better!!
Happy Polishing friends!!!