Sunday, October 7, 2012

Polish Us Pink Guest Blogger- A Lacquered Affair!!!

I am so so excited for tonight's post!  My good friend Lauretta from A Lacquered Affair is here tonight.  If you haven't seen Lauretta's blog yet, you must check it out.  She is such a sweet talented chicklet and her blog is wonderful!  I am so happy to call her a friend even though we are world's apart.  We have done something a little different for this guest spot.  You will see what I mean in a few minutes.  I have to give credit where it is due.  I had little to nothing to do with this mani, Laur created the design and thought up the idea, I'm basically just here to look pretty.

Without further ado...the lovely and talented Lauretta!!

A hearty "HELLO" to all readers and followers of Young Wild and Polished!  I'm extremely honored and excited to be invited by the talented Nicole to contribute my first ever guest post on her lovely blog.  I met Nicole through Twitter and her infectious crazy bubbly personality over the months had led to this collaboration.  I blog on A Lacquered Affair and am based in a tiny little tropical island named Singapore.

This post is somewhat unique.  We are both participating in Breast Cancer Awareness 2012: Polish Us Pink, organized by The Subtle Shimmer.  It is a collaboration between a group of nail bloggers (or enthusiasts on Instagram and Twitter) to post a pink manicure every Monday of the month in October. 

This topic is close to both our hearts, especially so for Nicole.  Through this collaboration, I came to know that her friend has breast cancer and is recently hospitalized.  And Nicole herself has had a personal brush with the disease.  I've witnessed a friend's mother lose her battle with breast cancer last year.  So, all of us have banded together for a very good cause, in hope of spreading the awareness. 
I tend to ramble.
My first pink manicure for #Polish Us Pink (the hashtag for Twitter and Instagram) features 2 contrasting pink polishes; a-england Iseult, a "delicate romantic pink with opalescent pearly reflection" and China Glaze Pom Pom, a medium dense mix of fine and small mauve pink glitter in a translucent pink base.
For the base, I used 3 coats of a-england Iseult, sans base or top coat:
Indoors, daylight
Using a bubblegum-pink acrylic paint, I painted on the pink ribbon, a symbol for the cause:
Outdoors, daylight
You may be wondering why it doesn't look exactly like the pink ribbon in the BCA logo.  Do read on.
To add some dazzle, I layered 2 coats of China Glaze Pom Po over the acrylic paint:
Here's another look at it outdoors, in the daylight:
The mani was finished with 1 coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast top Topcoat.  I've always found freehand nail art daunting, but I thoroughly enjoyed this mani.  Please continue reading for the mystery of the other half of the pink ribbon.  We'll get there pretty soon!
For those who would like to have information on breast cancer and related topics, Nicole will list the revelant organisations in the USA.  I have similar information up on my blog for those residing in Singapore.
It's been a great pleasure guest-posting on Young Wild and Polished.  Have a great start to the new week, lovelies!
A Lacquered Affair
 Aw, yay...thanks Laur, you are such a joy!!
Ok so the rest of that crazy design!!  Haha it will all make sense soon, I promise!!
So for my half of the mani, I started off with 2 coats of Essie Sugar Daddy, my favorite jelly pinky white color.  It does require about 4 coats but let me tell you this baby is worth every second.  It is such a classy gorgeous neutral!
Isn't she a treat?  Everyone should own this baby!!
I then drew on my design with pink acrylic paint, as the talented Lauretta did.  I forgot to take a picture of this step, so sawwy.  But it looked similar to Laur's, except not as perfect.  (hmm forgot to take a pic of the crappy step, does anyone buy this story?)
Finally I added some glitter...the best part!! Milani One Coat Glitter Pink Flare was my choice of poison.  It was perfect for the look I was going for!



It's all coming together now isn't it?

Forget this crap...I'm tooting my own horn...TOOT TOOT...and Lauretta's horn...TOOT TOOT TOOT TOOT. We done good right?  Look how that baby matches up.  I must say her side of the ribbon is fantabulous and mine is like the little sister hoping to be as good as her much cooler older sibling.  Free hand is tricky but this one I really had a great time with!
Huge thanks to Lauretta for her brilliant idea and gorgeous design!! You rock girlfriend.  My first guest blogger done good!  How will I top this one?
Hope you guys enjoyed, I had a wonderful time with this mani and working with a great friend! 
As always, Happy Polishing Loves!!



  1. You girls rock! Awesome collaboration!!

  2. That's so cute!! What a great idea girls :)

  3. This is amazing girls!! You are both totally awesome!!

  4. Oh my, this is amazing! I love the idea and the execution of these manis!

    1. Thanks honey!! I can't take any credit for this one! It was all Laur!!

  5. Complete awesomeness, you both rock!!

  6. That's absolutely brilliant! You're both very clever cookies:)

  7. So preeeetttyyyyyy. I need Sugar Daddy now. Not A sugar daddy, but... welll... wouldn't mind so much actually, minus the wrinkly bits... ANYWAY. Beautiful job to both of you talented ladies!

  8. best collab everrrrr, rockin tha pink ladies... and yes this comment is way after the post was done lol

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