Thursday, October 25, 2012

Essie Winter Collection??? Is That You?!?!

Hi loves, it's late as balls here and I have to be up in 3 hours but I really wanted to get a post done, so this is gonna be short and super sweet. 

I was at Rite Aid the other day and what did I see?  The new Essie Winter that you?  Is this a flippin mirage?  No she was really there and she begged me to buy every single one plus a backup just in case. (I didn't buy the orangy red because well, yeah have you met me?)  I am head over heels in love, do you hear me?  IN LOVE.  I love Essie to begin with.  She could put a turd in a bottle and I would be all in.  But this collection is seriously a really amazing collection!!

Feast your drooling eyes on Where's My Chauffeur with a side car of Butler Please and Beyond Cozy.....



Yep, here's my one extremely large picture, WTF??

Is she not the most gorgeous thing ever?  I know, there are tons of Tiffany blue polishes but this one is different.  The color is just so BAM.  (It must be late, I just turned into Emeril Lagasse, holy shit) 
So the flowers are done with Butler Please which is a gorgeous saturated Purple Blue that dries pretty matte which I could take or leave but what the hell.  The base for the accent nail is Beyond Cozy, which in my opinion is the stand out of this collection.  I have been raving about it on Instagram.  The glitter is a full coverage slap the crap outta your mammy polish!  It has mini glitter (yeah I just made that up, but pretend I know what the eff I'm doing here) that I just adore because they cover the nail so well. I think technically they are micro glitter but when do we get technical here?  This is hands down the best glitter I own and I own a lot, probably over 100.
The formula on Where's my Chauffeur was good.  I'm not dying over it (or slapping Francine) but it wasn't bad.  I did 2 coats, a thin and then a thick second one.  I should have done 3 thin but I was lazy and tired.  I had a little pulling and spottiness but it was covered nicely with my enormously thick amateurish second coat.
Here's a look at her all on her own....I mean, how could you NOT love this??

I wish I could rave about this polish and this collection all night but a girl needs her beauty rest.  I will be dedicating the whole following week to this new collection....please do us all a favor and go buy your poor mother a helmet.
Sidenote...this collection is technically called The Essie Leading Lady Collection, named after the red glitter of the bunch.  It's also being called the Winter Collection, which is how you will hear me refer to it.  I, after all, am the only leading lady on this blog.

Happy Polishing Dolls!!


  1. Is Beyond Cozy similar to Designer De Better? That is the only one I am interested in from this collection as foily glittery metallic goodness is straight up my alley))

  2. ugh... couldn't begin to tell you how expensive Essie and OPI nail polish is here =="

    your designs are amazeballs!

  3. Wow, that really is a gorgeous green. They all go so well together!

  4. You crack me up! :) And I of course love this polish, and anything this color!

  5. Ignore the fact that I have stalked your blog numerous time and just realized now after again staring at this manicure that I wasn't following. Totally fixed that! annnndd I think I just mastered the dotting tool flower! yay thank you for doing this mani and making me so badly wanna copy! lol