Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Polish from Far Far Away!!

Hello sugar plums, you have no idea how happy I am to be chatting with you and be done with work for the day.  I have something very fun to share with you today!!

Since I started blogging I have made great friends, a few that I talk to every day and I consider to be my "nail besties".  One of these lovely besties happens to be Lauretta from A Lacquered Affair.  You guys probably remember her from our joint Polish Us Pink post with the combined pink ribbon.  Well, Lauretta stumbled up an OPI polish that I had been dying to get my hands on but it was sadly discontinued here in the US.  Lauretta grabbed it for me and we agreed to do a mini swap, with her sending me the OPI and me sending her a few Wet n Wild's I had found that she wanted........well I received my package this week....this was no little swap!!!  Laur sent me the most gorgeous polishes in the cutest little decorative bottles.  And here are my 2 favorites....Hide your mothers!!

I tried to capture the shimmer but it eluded me!

Right?? I knew as soon as I saw these 2 that I was in love!!  The white glitter polish is from Etude House.  It is # PBL601 Pyjama Party.  And no I didn't fail 2nd grade, that is the correct spelling.  This gorgeous little lady is a cross between a glitter topper and a full on polish.  I tried it on it's own and it was pretty but I wanted to conserve it since I don't think I'll be going to Singapore any time soon. It did get totally opaque after 2 coats on the lone finger I tested on but I layered 2 coats over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls for the photos. 
I tried this pretty glitter out over some other colors and it was equally as pretty!  Any pastel would work fine, I would imagine but I liked the way it looked with the white base, considering the polish itself it tinted white. When I tried it over other colors, it took their brightness away due to the hint of white in this polish, but it still looked really pretty!  This reminds me a lot of Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker which I have featured on the blog before but the glitters in this one are a little different, color and size wise.  If I had to choose....aaagh I couldn't do it, I'd have to plead the 5th!
The stunning teal color in the middle is by Mavala and it is called Blue Curacao.  It makes me want to hop the next flight to the Caribbean!  It didn't show in these photos but this hot mama has just the slightest hint of shimmer.  I nearly fainted as I painted!!  I almost can't stand how freaking smack your mama good this polish is.  If I get my hands on my mother tonight, she  might end up in the ICU.  I don't think I can control myself. 
Formula on both of these was awesome!  The glitter went on as if it were a silky smooth creme polish!  No clumping, no pulling, just sweet Singapore polish goodness!! Blue Curacao went on like a dream also!  I did 2 very thin coats, totally opaque, heaven!!
I've already told Lauretta that if this is what Singapore is working with then you can book my large ass on the next flight!  Although they do have a very pricey time getting indie polishes over there....hmmmm what's a girl to do??
A huge thanks to Lauretta for being totally insane and going on a polish spree!  I will have many more of my Singapore stash for you in the next few weeks!!
Happy Polishing Mama Smackers!!!! 


  1. Gorgeous choices! Lauretta did us proud! :D

    1. Awww, that's such a sweet thing to say! Thank you!

  2. Girl, you are hilarious! and these are lovely - can't wait to see more from your nail mail (btw, I'm in Oz if you ever wonder what polish we have here... drop me a line!!) @cats_n_nails

    1. Oooh I love Oz. Shall I wear my ruby pumps?? Glad u approve! Xo

  3. LOve the white glitter polish its beautiful!

  4. Love this!! I'm a new subscriber :-)
    Hope you can check out my nail art and beauty blog :D


  5. Hey there partner-in-crime!
    I can't believe (in a good way) you did a post on this! And it's hilarious! I couldn't help smiling throughout the post (ROTFLOL is what I would have done, if I wasn't at the workplace).
    I love Pyjama Party too! And yes, pyjama is the UK spelling of the word, we follow the Cambridge (UK) system :D
    I thought you might like Curacao and one day incorporate into one of your pretty dotticures!

    And you don't have to fly here, I could always send you back-ups, silly!
    And you're always welcome! Love to share what we have on this tiny little island of ours. And all the momma-smacking going, OMG! Insane! LOL!!!

    Can't wait to see what you did with the rest!

    1. U did me so right!! I love everything!! Thanks honey bun!! Ps ROTFL is ok no matter where u r!! Roll away love!!