Saturday, October 27, 2012

Essie Butler Please....Please Don't be Such a Pain!!

Hi dolls, how are we all doing?  We are preparing for Hurricane Sandy (well her remnants) tomorrow so we spent the morning getting the outside in order for 75 mile per hour winds and lots of rain.  Not my idea of fun.  Hopefully it won't be as bad as they are anticipating but at least I will be stuck inside with nothing to do but paint my nails!

So for my second post in my Essie Winter Collection Week I have Butler Please to introduce to you.  I am sadly disappointed in this polish!  It is almost an exact dupe for Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, and let me tell ya, if these 2 were in a cage match, Pacific Blue would whoop some heiney.  I did a comparison of the 2...have a look and then I will tell you why I am so upset with Butler.

So it's pretty self explanatory who is where....Essie Butler Please is on my index and ring fingers and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue is on my middle and pinky fingers.  They are very close but Butler is a little bit darker.  The formula is the problem.  Whoever mixed this guy together certainly was either drinking heavily or really pissed off at their boss.  It's streaky, it pulls and it dries as a weird matte finish.  Pacific Blue on the other hand, (well not literally), is creamy, opaque after one coat and dries nice and shiny.  There is no question which I would choose.  If you are looking for a polish in this color family, I highly recommend you get Pacific Blue.  It's about $7 cheaper and a lot nicer. I love me some Essie but this polish is a hot mess!
Marbling was no exception.  At first Butler didn't even want to spread in the water.  I eventually got her to cooperate (after showing some muscle) but I still had a helluva time with this water marble.  Have a look see...

Oh here we go, super shmongo picture, good lawd!

I ordered some striping tape from Born Pretty Store and received it in the mail today so I had to play with it!  I love the way my stripey fingers turned out although I must confess I couldn't get it to work with Butler so Pacific Blue stepped in in the 9th inning to finish in the clutch!  I should have taken a pic of the tragedy that was Butler Please, but I treasure you all too much to put you through that.
If you haven't tried striping tape, I highly advise it!  It's so much fun and super simple.  As long as you use a polish that is a one coater you are set!  Apply your base color.  Allow it to dry or do as I do and get some help from a fast drying top coat such as Seche Vite.  Once you are dry (about 10 minutes) you simply tape off the spots where you want the lines to be,  put a layer of your one coat wonder over the entire nail and remove the tape strips immediately after.  It's really that simple. 
I did use Butler for the marble as I already mentioned.  She fought but I won.  I did the water marble with my good pal Where's My Chauffeur, a sweet and very compliant Tiffany Blue/turquoise color.  The difference in formula for these 2 is unreal!  I can guarantee you, nobody will be smacking their mama after using Butler.  Unless of course they do it in anger cause they are so pissed off with the mess that she is! I don't condone this, mama smacking is only ok when used in a positive way.
Don't fret my pets if you don't hear from me for a few days.  I don't know if we will lose power with the storm.  I will keep everyone updated via Twitter and Instagram because those I can do from my cell phone.
Let me know what you guys think of Butler Please if you have it.  Did I get a bad bottle?  Was the Essie employee really intoxicated?
Happy Polishing loves...and stay safe all of you in bitch ass Sandy's path!!


  1. I don't know...the marbling looks perfect as always! I'll take your word for it that Butler was a pain. I'm glad I have Pacific Blue after your post!

  2. I also have the Butler Please and HATED the formula. I immediately searched for reviews hoping I had a bad bottle. Totally agree with you on this polish.

  3. Oh yay it's not just me then! I adore Essie but there is something really wrong in the formula of Butler please! It was horrid to apply and didn't even itself out like Essie normally does. It smelt kind of odd too, more like house paint than nail polish.

  4. It was super super sticky, and i probably had to apply four coats to get it where I wanted. It kept drying prematurely and pulling. The color is gorgeous when dry, because I was looking for a darker blue, but it simpy wasn't worth it price wise.

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  6. Haha I love your review! I'm craving Butler please at the moment, and have Pacific blue already (it actually looks nicer than the Essie one on your comparative photo!), so maybe this can help me calm down a notch :D
    Great nails <3

  7. just pointing it out that the polish is a neon formula so that is why it dries so fast and that is why its semi matte...

  8. It's such a shame that the formula for Butler Please is such a hot mess, goopy and thick. It's such a beautiful blue and looks gorgeous on my nails but it's definitely not worth the price. They should put this one in the clearance bin. Pacific Blue is one of my favorite blues but I liked Butler please because it's a little darker and stands out more. Oh well, maybe another brand will dupe this hue of blue with a better formula.