Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker

A day as gorgeous as today deserves an equally gorgeous polish!  The weather here in PA is perfection.  78 degrees, full sun, no humidity, momma like!  Too bad I was stuck at work all day.....I tell you, the things we do to make money. Hehe.

So about this gorgeous polish....Unless you have been living under a rock, I'm sure you have heard of Pretty and Polished.  It is an indie brand created by a polish genius by the name of Chels.  If you are interested in purchasing, you can check out her facebook page.  Her polishes are not for sale all the time, she usually opens every so often, which you can find out by following her on facebook, and once in a while she will do a pre-order.  If you become a follower, you will get all this info well in advance.

Today I have the lovely and talented Jawbreaker to share with you.  The name is perfect!  This polish is a white base with different colored glitter in all shapes running throughout.  Remember the candy we ate as kids, well that's exactly what this polish looks like on your fingers.  I wouldn't recommend eating it though.  Let's leave that to the crazy nail polish drinking lady I saw on TV the other night.  If you haven't seen this, consider yourself lucky.  Polish wasting like that just makes a girl crazy!

For these pictures, I used 2 coats of jawbreaker, which is what I would normally use.  I'm so surprised every time I use this that the application is so good, considering how glitter packed she is.  No dragging, no spottiness, just gorgeous polish that goes on like butta!  I have heard of people using a white base and doing just one coat of Jawbreaker.  I have never done this myself but I'm sure you would get similar results.  I like doing 2 coats of JB because then I feel like I am getting double the glitter.  

This is probably the 6th time I have worn JB and yet I am still over the moon in love with it.  It is a little bumpy but 2 good coats of Seche Vite takes care of that. I can't tell you how gorgeous this is, you will have to (hopefully) find out for yourselves!    

Check out Pretty and Polished Facebook page for upcoming sales and to see the other fantabulous polishes by Chels.  Also be sure to check out her Halloween collection which is so fun!! The customer service is great and the polishes are divine, what more could you ask for?!

Happy Polishing Friends!!

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  1. I love this one! Milky based glitters are my fave! I've been dying to try some polishes from Pretty & Polished, I hope to be able to snag some next time her shop is open!