Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Zoya Daul and FeiFei Swatch and Review

Hello loves, hope everyone is getting through this hectic week.  My 3 little cherubs went back to school and I've come to realize that I despise this week every year.  My house is crazy right now between getting kids to bed at 9 instead of 1 am and waking at 6 instead of, sadly, noon.  Needless to say, I have 3 miserable little people under my roof.

Anywhoo, back to what we are all here for, pretty, sparkly, smack your gram mammy nails!!  I saw the new Zoya Fall Collection last time I was at Ulta and I was kind of on the fence.  A few of them were shiny and caught my eye but a few also were a little eehh.  But I sucked it up and bought a few.  I did it for you guys, let's just go with that.  You all twisted my arm and made me buy them so that I could show them to you, that sounds about right to me.  I have my 2 favorite ones for you today.  The other few I bought (which we will keep a surprise), I will show you in an upcoming post.

First up we have Daul, a super gorgeous glass flecked polish that I would literally sell my children for.....

I don't even know what color to call this.  She has a red tone to her but the base is definitely purple. There is certainly gold in there as you can easily see.  Trust me, these pics don't do this amazing polish any justice.  In the sunlight it was shimmering and sparkling like crazy.  Application was very good.  The first coat was pretty sheer but built up nicely.  I did 3 coats, I probably could have gotten away with 2 but she was a little spotty.  Perfection after 3!  Here's one more pic because I just couldn't get enough....

Next we have FeiFei, an equally gorgeous polish.  The base on this lovely lady is a medium to dark blue with gold and pink running all through it.  I have never seen a polish quite like this.  It almost looked like a glitter polish, it was so sparkly!!

I tried to get the gold and pink shimmer but I just couldn't get it to come through in the photos.  Application on this one was great and again, I did 3 coats to cover up a little bit of spottiness left from the first 2 coats, but nothing major.  This polish is a dream!!

These 2 are certainly my favorites from the fall collection.  The shimmer and shine that they have in their teeny tiny bottles is just awesome!!

Hope you kids enjoyed.  I will have the rest of my Zoya haul in an upcoming post. 

And as always.....Happy Polishing!!


  1. I think these are the stars of this collection, FeiFei, a slightly brighter one :)
    I'm excited to get mine!

  2. You will love them!!! I don't know which one I like more? It changes daily. Xo