Thursday, July 26, 2012

Water Marbling makes me crazy!!

I am the first to admit I am pretty darn good at water marbling, not to toot my own horn or anything. Some nail art drives me insane but marbling I love and never understand why people had so much trouble with it. Until yesterday.....I fought with the water, I fought with bubbles, I fought with the polish, everything that could go wrong did. It took me 3 hours to do what normally takes me less than an hour. But I overcame, I did a LOT of cursing, I think at one point my Essie Lilacism went flying across the room.....I hope it was worth it.....heres the bitch in her full glory...

By the time I was done I didnt even feel like taking pics. I was in a full on sweat and exhausted. Whoever said nail polish was relaxing should have been with me last night. Anywhoo, she finally cooperated. I used all Essie's for this one....Chinchilly, Bikini So Teeny,Off the Shoulder, Lilacism and the beautiful and my all time fave, Turquoise and Caicos. The Chinchilly mixed with the Lilacism created a sort of tan color but it worked really well with the rest of the design so I was happy. What do you think? Was it worth the battle?

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