Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Seeing Spots with Leopard Nails

Good day fellow nail polish freaks....hope everyone is staying cool today.So obviously I'm still fairly, well not fairly...totally new to this blogging thing.  I'm getting the hang more and more of taking pics and all that good stuff. Everyone makes it look so easy but its tough work.  Its sometimes frustrating to be the new kid on the block but I love nails soooooo much and that's all that matters right? So any who, I am off topic again, theres a shocker.  Today we have my take on leopard nails. I loved them and they turned out really well but for some reason when I wore them I felt like I had puppy paws all over my nails. (which, for the record, is A-OK but that wasn't the look I was going for).  It was very simple to do. On a few tutorials I watched I noticed that they did the outline of the "spots" and then filled them in. I found that it was much easier to do the centers first and then outline around them.  Apologies for the nasty cuticles, I am currently at war with these bad boys and they are winning, despite using cuticle cream a thousand times a day.
For this design I used Go Go pink from China Glaze for my base color. The center of the spots are Secret Periwinkle by CG and the outline is First Mate, also by CG. So what do you think? Have you guys ever tried the leopard design? I would like to try it again but maybe with colors that aren't as bright? A traditional leopard look would be ahh-mazing! 

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