Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pastel Dotticure.....and a blog update!

Have I mentioned that I hate technology? Our internet has been out for um, about 10 days and I'm going quite insane!  Luckily I can set up a hotspot (foxy brown reference anyone? Am I alone in this?) but it sucks up all my data....that's alright though, it's worth it for you all!

Anywhoo's, I've missed you guys!  But I'm here now, so less talky and more naily naily!

I did this little dotticure a few days ago, and absolutely looooved how it turned out!  Check it out and tell me what you guys think!

Mmmmmm hmmmmm, pertty right?  I used Julie G Gelato, Essie Tart Deco and Essie East Hampton Cottage (ring finger base).  I love how the colors just work so well together!

If you guys haven't tried Julie G polishes you must! It's an order!  The formula is amazing and there are some pretty sweet colors to choose from!  I probably own about 30 of them and love em all!  

You guys already know how I feel about Essie so I won't even go there! Perfection as usual, although I must say, East Hampton Cottage is really sheer.  I had to do 4 coats to get it just right, but it was worth it!  So pearly and gorgeous!

If you're looking for a tutorial on the nail art, you've come to the right place! Do I or do I not sound like a car salesman? Click it, click it right now! 

Hope you guys enjoyed my little pastel princess!  My next post will be all about the new Milani line that is out (which I lurve) and then after that I am dipping my blogging toes into some makeup fun!  I said before I wanted to venture into actual "beauty" blogging and not just nails, and the time has come to finally get it going!  It only makes sense, if you guys watch me on Youtube you know that I love makeup just as much as polish.  Hi I'm Nicole and I'm addicted to all things girly! 

I'm going to try to kind of tie my posts in with my Youtube channel.  If I do a video on concealer, I'll follow it up with a blog post to go along with it.  I think it will make my blog a lot more "necessary" if that makes sense and it's something I've been wanting to do!  Don't worry though, there will still be a ton of nail art, that is something that will never change!

Hopefully my internet issues will be resolved soon.  Either that or I have to hit the lottery to fund my hotspot necessities!

Love you guys!!

Happy Polishing!!

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  1. cute nail ideas :) maybe you can sometimes make tutorials :)