Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Warm Weather Nails....and a...beatdown?!

Hello kittens, 2 days in a row...wow I am on my game this week!  I am turning over a new leaf!  Blogging every morning before I start my day is going to be part of my new routine.  So far so good, 2 days in and I'm liking my new system!

So last night I did a super fun little mani that kind of just came about.  It was one of those "I have no idea what I want to do so I will decide as I go along" type mani's.  I really wanted to pair these 2 colors together and I'm so happy I did!

I used Loreal Royalty Reinvented (purple), and Loreal New Money (green).  Let me just say....I absolutely am in love with Loreal nail polish!  Aside from one or two that I have tried, their formula is so amazingly perfect.  The colors are super saturated and just flow on the nail so smoothly.  Both of these colors were super opaque and did great with 2 coats.  

I started off by painting my index and pinky finger with Royalty Reinvented.  I did my middle finger with New Money and I top coated them all with Seche Vite.  I did my ring finger with white but I didn't topcoat that just yet.  

Once the 3 fingers aside from my white ring finger (which we will get to in a minute) were dry, I taped off a few spots with striping tape, painted over that with the opposite color and removed the striping tape immediately.  I let that dry about 10 minutes and swiped on another coat of Seche Vite.  Then I slapped my mama just cause I could.  I thought about beating my husband over this happy little mani but I decided to let him slide...I'm nice like that.

On my ring finger, I just took both Loreal colors and put some different sized dots all around the nail.  And of course, I topped that baby off with Seche Vite once it was nice and dry.

I have tutorials for both of these designs on my YouTube Channel, which is the same name as this little diddy...Young Wild and Polished. Although I think it's more like YoungWildandPolished, no spaces kids.

What do you think?  I'm so flippin ready for spring!  Maybe if I keep doing these summery bright looks someone will take notice and flip the thermostat to warm?  I am so done with this cold ass weather.  My skin is dry, my cuticles fight me on a daily basis, not to mention I have soooo many cute little spring dresses that are just calling my name.  Come on, Mother Nature, warm this state up before I get to slappin ho's....I'm not above beating the piss out of a crabby old bat who loves to torture sweet girls like myself.  Mother Nature...you and me is about to get down.

And I digress....once again...

See you love muffins tomorrow!  

Happy Polishing Dolls!


  1. Gorgeous Nicole!!! Come on summer!!!

  2. Love it! Great color combo and designs. Very springy. :)

  3. Loved the color and vaibrance!