Monday, April 1, 2013

A Stamping Mani....and a Heart to Heart with my peeps!

Hi loves, I know, I know, it's been forever and a freaking day since I've blogged....I have a confession to make....I have been so uninspired and just blah lately.  I still love everything about nails, polish all that jazz, I just need a pick me up or some new polish or....who knows what. I have been sitting down to do my nails and just totally blank.  I have no idea what I want to do, and I just feel kind of off.

Another thing that has been on my mind ALOT lately has been makeup and all things beauty related...skincare, haircare, all that good stuff.  I've wanted to blog a little about a few makeup products I have but I don't want to disappoint all of my loyal followers who come here to see nails and nothing else.  Would you guys be upset if I mixed in a makeup post once in a while?  Please tell me honestly what you think.  I do all of this for you lovely people and if you don't want it I certainly will not do it.  Anyone care to share their thoughts on this?  Young Wild and Polished will always be a nail blog but I wouldn't mind a little makeup and skincare in the mix, would you?

Ok now that I got that out, let's talk nails...

I did this little stamping mani last night on a whim.  I couldn't decide what to do, as I said above, I was in my usual funk.  But I just bought this gorgeous color I'm about to show you and I actually felt a little spark of inspiration once I put her on!  I even thought about back handing someone's mama, ahhh what a glorious feeling!

So this is Sonia Kashuk Sitting Pretty, the color I started out with...

Please don't mind the disgusting slice out of my index finger, I had a fight with a knife and as you can see....I lost!  It's healing but it's there and I'm very sorry, I know it looks like a hot mess!

Isn't this color just gorgeous? Look at that shimmer!  As soon as I applied this I wanted to do a little jig.  I felt like putting on the Lil Wayne and getting downright freak nasty.  When a polish makes me want to dance, I know it's a winner winner chicken dinner!

Knowing me, I couldn't leave this alone.  I had to do something to it and I knew just the thing!  I pulled out my Nails Inc Old Park Lane and got crackin.

This is what OPL looks like on her own....

I freaking love this one coat wonder!  Formula is perfection and 1 coaters make me want to beat the neighbor's baby.  

Combined with the beautiful and shimmery Sitting Pretty could be a match made in polish heaven!

I used Bundle Monster Plate #203.  I must say I really love this combination.  The rose gold meshes so well with the shimmery purple.  And can I just say I have been totally obsessed, OBSESSED with rose gold anything lately.  I got a watch for my birthday of the rose gold variety and that seemed to put me on a path of total rose gold addiction.  (If I say the word rose gold one more time I am going to punch myself out)

I have been using a new cuticle oil lately.  Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen, it's quite pricey.  I originally got it to use as a facial oil, which I do, but I have found it works really well on my cuticles also.  (Or this is just my way to get to talk about products other than nail polish, hmmmm)

This, as you can see, is the Tarte Maracuja Oil and I am totally in love with the stuff.  This large bottle ran me about $35 which for the size, isn't too bad I guess.  It's such a nice oil if you have super dry skin as I do.  I slather myself in this stuff.  It has also been doing really nicely on my cuticles.  They seem quite happy and moisturized.  I haven't slapped anyone's mama over this stuff but I may start.  The mood may strike at anytime, who knows.

I know it's a little pricey, just wanted to throw it in there.  If you want something super cheap that works like a dream, you can always head to your Walmart or local grocery store and pick up some coconut oil.  The stuff is absolutely mama smacking wonderful.  It's in the aisle with the cooking oil and it will make your cuticles so soft and happy! I posted a picture of it on my Instagram and we all had a long discussion about the things this miracle product can do so you guys can check that out if you're interested! 

If you guys would like to see a post dedicated to coconut oil and it's many uses, just let me know and I will get my buns to work on that!  It's great for nail care and also for many many other things!

I hope you guys enjoyed.  Please let me know your thoughts on the makeup blogging question I asked.  I really would like to know how you guys feel about this.

Happy Polishing bitches!!


  1. Yes would really enjoy learning more about coconut oil! Always on the hunt for moisturizing products that work :) love the stamping and color combo as well!

  2. Makeup blog sounds great!

  3. I will thoroughly enjoy anything you choose to blog about! :) I just enjoy reading about you and whatever you write. Your fun personality shines through and is very entertaining.

  4. So I usually dislike when the nail blogs I follow get all makeuppy on my arse buuuuuut cos you are so funny and awesome, I feel like you could write about drainpipes and I would be tuning in for it. So makeup away to your heart's content! :)