Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mustaches and Chevrons and Barbie Heads....Oh My!!!

Sounds gruesome eh?  It's not, in fact it's super cute and oh so chic!  I am so excited for this post! I am totally obsessed with this product and I think you will be too!

I got the chance to do a review for April from Make It Stick and I haven't been the same since. April is the creator of this genius idea and I seriously wish I would have thought of it because it really is awesome.  Sometimes when I do these reviews I wonder if you all think I am saying nice things just to, well, be nice.  I can assure you I do not.  I will put a bitch on blast in a hot second if the product sucks.  In the nicest possible way, of course.

But there's no blasting going on today.  I honestly am in love....with what you say?  Nail decals....of all shapes and sizes, and colors and....oh I could go on and on.  Let's take a look and I'll explain more.

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First up we have my favorite of the bunch....the 'stache:

Come on, you cannot tell me this isn't absolutely adorable.  So the little mustache on my ring finger is the decal (duh).  What I love about this product is how simple they are.  I have used decals in the past where you have to mess with water to apply them, yeah definitely not interested in that shizz.  These little babies come in a sheet with 3 different sizes to choose from. This is the medium sized one.  I pulled it off of the sheet, stuck it on my nail using tweezers, put a topcoat on and voila....

This is what the little 'staches looked like on their sheet. Sadly I forgot to take the pic before I removed them.  I'm human, work with here people...

I used Nails Inc. Leather Effect for my index and middle fingers, OPI Sparrow Me the Drama on my ring finger and China Glaze Glistening Snow on my pinkie. 

This is the easiest form of nail art ever. You literally need no skills to stick this onto your nail.  No brushes, no fancy tools, how much simpler could it get. And April has tons, I mean tons of designs and colors to choose from.  It's like a freaking candy store.

Here's 2 more designs I did with these little babies....


Hello...Cuteness, party of 1 your table is ready.  I seriously will slap a mama to Timbuktu, I'm feeling a good slappin comin on now just thinking about these little stickers from heaven.  Does anyone else get as excited as I do about polish?  I feel a mini stroke coming on and I can't control myself.  It's obviously not normal but I don't give a damn.  I love me some good polish and polish related merchandise!

I used Illamasqua Noble, OPI Crown Me Already, Julie G Black Sheep and Julie G White Orchid as my colors of choice.  Most people would have used pink with Barbie and I wanted to be a little different, ( I'm a square in a sea of circles) and I really love the way it turned out!

This is how the Barbie heads (sounds so gruesome) looked on their sheet:

For our final look, we have the super mama smacker, the Chevron:

God I love this freaking mani!!  Just makes me want to walk up to someone and slap the taste out of their mouth.  So good you wanna slap your mama, a neighbor, your priest, the Starbucks Barista...I could go on and on.

I only used 2 of the 3 chevron stickers because of my little nubbies but most people probably could fit all 3.  I was worried it would look weird but it ended up looking quite fab!

My pinky and index finger are wearing China Glaze Dance Baby. My ring finger is Loreal Grecian Goddess, my favorite gray and a perfect match for April's adorable chevron sticker.  I used Julie G White Orchid under my sticker.

Just a little tip....I topcoated my "sticker nails" with Seche Vite before I applied the decal.  It wasn't a must but I wanted to make sure the polish was nice and dry before putting the sticker on top.  It worked out quite nicely.  I was able to move the sticker around a little before actually pushing it down onto the nail and my polish didn't get smudged in the process.

This is what the Chevrons looked like on the sheet.  I had already used 3 of them so keep that in mind....

It looks like a sheet of 16 but it was actually 20.  I had already used a few so I cut the remaining ones off just so they looked uniform in the picture.  If you order these you will get a set of 20.

If you haven't figured it out already, I am in love with these decals.  I am planning on ordering different colored chevrons and some cute little white mustaches.  

Make sure you guys check out April's store.  I linked it above.  The prices are very reasonable and vary depending on the decal you choose.  I was shocked at how inexpensive they were.  After using them I am even more surprised because the quality is really great!

Happy Polishing and Happy "Stickering"!!