Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Hottie Dottie!

Hi lovers, quickie today--work is busy and lovely as always. Getting screamed at by patients always brightens my week so much!!

I did this mani last night and was quite surprised with how much I loved it. I pulled out 2 Wet n Wild colors that I've had forever and a day, On a Trip and I Need a Refresh-mint. I love both of these colors so much!! Amazing formula and pretty opaque colors that just don't quit!

Also the brush on these polishes is freaking perfection. I can almost get perfect coverage from cuticle to nail tip with one swipe of that big ol' brush!! I wish every major brand would take note and change their brushes! The design is total genius!

I added some dots, slapped a few mamas and called it a day! Don't judge me people-I can't control myself!

I'm posting a "before" video of my makeup stash and I'll post an "after" video this weekend. I'm getting lots of goodies from Ikea--Helmers and Alex units (yippee) so be sure to check my YouTube channel for that!

What do you guys think of the WnW polishes? Are you as obsessed as I am?? Have you slapped any mamas, papas or newborns over these hot lil numbers?!!

Happy Polishing My Friends!!!


  1. Love it, I need to duplicate this, for sure! <3

  2. Lookin good u Wild Thang! I <3 On a Trip so much I bought a back up. lol

  3. So pretty!! Love the color combo :)

  4. gorgeous combo, plus I love the ring finger!

  5. I love this so much, I want to go to a child's birthday party, slap everyone there, steal a piece of cake, then go home and recreate it on my nails!

  6. So love everything about this, I've just duped it!