Saturday, February 23, 2013

Did you know....I'm a Darling Diva!!

What up homies?  You probably will be hearing from me at least twice today....I have a few reviews to get done and Saturday is my day for doing them.  I am always so thrilled when Saturday rolls around...a day of polishing and spending time with the fam, what else is there?

Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen these gorgeous girls from Darling Diva Polish (I just couldn't wait to post them) and the one I actually wore as a full mani to work yesterday.  This is a true sign that I love a polish!

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you all to a few ladies I just met....

I'm Sweet on You:

Definitely a mama smacker! I used a base of Rimmel Sweet Lavender, which happens to be a favorite of mine.  (wait, isn't every purple a favorite of mine)?  It's a super soft purple that worked so well under this glittery little lady!  I did 2 coats of ISOU and 2 thick coats of Seche Vite.  She was a little bumpy but the Seche evened everything out just fine.  

I couldn't resist taking a macro shot of this. 

Someone on IG said it looked like cells, which is totally kind of weird but so spot on!  

Cheer Bear: 

How adorable is this? I'm usually not a fan of hearts or any other shapes of glitter aside from the normal circles, squares and hexes.  But I really loved the hearts in this baby!  They were super delicate and almost sheer against the pink backgroud.  

I used Sinful Colors Pink Forever as my undies.  I wish you guys could see this one in person.  There are teeny tiny microscopic pieces of glitter throughout this polish in every color of the rainbow.  So fun and so pretty!  I am already thinking of the other bases I can use under this hot little number!  

I wanted to lick my fingers when I was wearing this...reminds me of candy and all things girly! That would just be weird so instead I kissed each finger lovingly, which is totally not weird, just for the record. 

You guys know I love my macro shots!  You can thank me later for this nail porn.

Good Luck Bear:

This was my favorite of the bunch, I just love the little stars against the gorgeous green base!  This brand has literally changed the way I feel about little glitters in polish.  When they're done right, I actually don't mind stars and hearts on ma nails!  I think the stars make this polish!

I used Illamasqua Nomad as undies and it was the perfect pairing.  I totally am smacking anyone in a 15 foot vicinity over this hot girl.  Good polish makes me violent, and I kinda like it!

Here's a macro shot of this little lady:

 Overall I am quite happy with these 3 babies!  This was my first time using Darling Diva Polish and I am already paging through Carrie's Etsy store trying to decide which ones I want to order!  So far I am up to 5 definites and 4 maybes, holy hell, why don't I just check the box that says "1 of each".  There is such a box right? RIGHT???

Polishes retail for $8 with the holographic and duochromes being $12.  I linked Carrie's Etsy store above, make sure you guys check it out!  Get you soooome!!!

Happy Polishing Loves!!

*Products provided for review*

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  1. You've gotta get Ringer!! I also got soft kitty, its very girly!