Monday, January 7, 2013

Jindie Nails Burrr Berry

Hi loves, happy freaking Monday!! Why do weekends fly by?? Makes me very whiny!!

So my crap ass laptop still sucks at life so this again is from my iPhone.

Today I have a gorgeous glitter polish that I recently purchased from the lovely Jen at Jindie Nails. Burr-Berry is a gorgeous white based polish with different sized glitters of bright pink, blue and black throughout!

I am a huge fan of white based glitter polishes. I have a bunch of them! I can tell you the formula on this little number is the best by far!! I had no issues with anything! It was amazing. No fighting for the "good" glitter, no spotty application. I certainly can get used to this!!

So after beating the piss out of my mother (I couldn't resist, this polish just made me cray cray), I decided that I definitely needed to get a full size bottle of this gorgeous girl.

Jindie Nails is currently on vacay *gasp* but she will be back very soon so everyone can get a bottle of heavenly goodness!!!

One last thing before you finally get to see the nails--I HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!! Yay!! My channel name is young wild and polished. Make sure to subscribe to me! I have 2 videos up so far, a striping tape tutorial and a look at my polish stash. I'm loving it so far and I hope you guys join me for the ride!

Ok nails....enjoy!!

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  1. Yea for your YouTube channel. I saw your video and I love your nail stash! It's amazing gorgeous! This polish is amazing and I'm going to pick one up when it's available.