Saturday, September 8, 2012

30 Day Challenge Day 9 Rainbow. (I Hope)

Hey hey hey how are my little nail freaks doing?  This little lady is tired!  Hunter (my biggest baby) had a baseball tourney out of state today so we were on the move.  I was excited because I thought I could hit up some new and unchartered nail polish land but let me tell you, I failed miserably!  Although on the plus side, (you know me, glass half full over here) I did just see on twitter that Ulta now has the Tombstone Halloween polishes from Wet n Wild.  I did pee my pants, but don't worry, I'm all cleaned up now and ready to talk rainbow with you fine folks....

Last time I posted, I realized I had totally skipped over Day 7.  I will get a black and white mani up at some point.  Don't know if I was a little manic that day or if maybe I have some deep dark childhood trauma associated with black and white mani's......either way I apologize, I will make it up with a fantabulous water marble that will knock your teapot socks off.  (Hi Sai!!)

I actually had already done this rainbow mani and she was just waiting to make her grand entrance.  What better time than the present?

Yes I know....more dots, I just can't get enough.  They are so fun, they're super simple and I really enjoy doing them.  I think I shall change my name to Dot.  Could you all please call me that from now on?  Please and thank you! 

I used a ton of polishes for this mani, I'll list them in order from thumb to pinky, base color first.
  1. Sinful Colors Island Coral, OPI Cajun Shrimp
  2. Essie Navigate Her, Essie Mojito Madness
  3. OPI Do You Lilac It?, Spoiled 2 Weeks Sober
  4. Zoya Shelby, Sinful Colors Outrages
  5. Revlon Dreamer, Sinful Colors Oceanside

My untrieds for this mani are Spoiled 2 Weeks Sober, Sinful Outrages, Revlon Dreamer and Sinful Oceanside.  Do I get extra points for using that many?  A cookie?  A high five?  Anything?

I am really happy with the way this one turned out.  My ring finger is definitely my favorite!  All of the colors I used worked really well.  They were all nice and opaque, no major problems with any of the formulas.  Revlon Dreamer is a gorgeous blue but it was a teeny tiny bit on the chalky side.  All nails have 2 coats and a nice thick coat of Seche Vite on top.  I am a huge fan of SV.  I know some people don't love it, but I do and I use it religiously on top of all my mani's, sometimes 2 when I have a lot of nail art going on.  

Hope you guys liked this one.  It was very simple to do, a good mani for a newbie to the nail art world!

Happy weekend and as always....Happy Polishing!!

Be sure to check out the other hot mama's participating in the "Rock Em, Sock Em Nail Blogger Olympics, err, I mean, 30 Day Challenge.  (Are you guys sick of this yet?)  I'm all in now at Day 9, gotta finish out strong.  Let's see if I can come up with 21 more. 


  1. This is a gorgeous mani!!! Perfection!

  2. Love the mani, but I love how you write your posts even more, Miss Dot ;) You made me smile several times, I love that!

  3. The design is so gorgeous and neat, I absolutely love this manicure! Wow!!!

  4. your blog is unbelievable! I love this manicure! I apologize if you have received this already but I nominated you for the liebster award.


  5. I love dots too, but mine don't look nearly as good as yours! Beautiful :) I am getting a little tired with the challenges (because I have a willfull/night owl child and I wait until she's in bed to do the manicure, which can take hours, so I'm literally TIRED haha) but to combat that i have been checking out everyone else's awesome manicures and it pumps me back up!

  6. Thank you all so much, you all are so sweet you're giving Dot a toothache. How annoying would it be if I talked in 3rd person always. *save that thought for future post* I am so very thankful for these kind words, you have no idea!
    Marjorie-I know what you mean, my 3 are bigger but I remember how tough it is. Do what makes you happy, whatever that may be, I certainly hope you stick with us!