Friday, September 7, 2012

30 Day Challenge Day 8 Metallics- Essie Chrome Collection

Update--Seems I've skipped right over black and white for day 7, so my apologies but I will just post day 8 a little early. Yes my brain, my brain...anyone want to trade?

Ok so when I heard today was "metallic day", what was the first thing that came to mind? Why, the Essie Chrome Collection of course!!  I originally was going to do some funky nail art but once I put the polish on, it looked so pretty I just didn't want to mess with it.  I know it's weird to think of a skittle mani as being a palette cleanser but that's exactly what this is.  Take a look and tell me what you think...

Pretty huh?  See what I mean about the palette cleanser?  Even though it's a skittle mani, it looks very clean and classic.  At least I think it does.  Now I did swatch these colors before but I never wore them as a mani or used them in any nail art.  Technically they are untrieds.  That will certainly change.  I will be wearing these babies alot!!  They are go--geous!!!  I'll start at my pinky on the very right and work my way to the left... My pinky is dressed up in Blue Rhapsody.  Ms. Ring is sporting No Place Like Chrome. The middle man is wearing Nothing Else Metals (which I would sell my husband for).  My pointer finger is rocking the amazingly pretty Penny Talk, and my poor little thumb which didn't make it to the photo shoot (such a diva) is wearing Good As Gold.

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing the formula is on these beauties.  When I first swatched them I wasn't sure how I felt about them.  I must have been drinking heavily that day.  I had no problems with anything formula wise, they are extremely opaque.  And application was like buttah baby!!  Perfection!! 

If you don't have these, you need to get your buns to the store, after you finish commenting to me of course, and pick them all up.  They're equally gorgeous even though I think the lilac one, ( I mean, c'mon, a lilac chrome?!  uh hell yes) is my favorite.  And how cool do they look together?  I'm in love!  

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Happy Polishing!!

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  1. I have a Layla Mirror Effect, also chrome, for this theme! Love it to bits too! Now that you say these go on easily as well, Imma go check 'em out!

  2. I have Penny Talk and it's been an untried since I received it. Definitely need to get the others!! They're gorgeous!!

  3. beautifull!!
    love that youve used dfferent colors

  4. They are gorgeous!!! I think I want them all :) And yes, I also think that this manicure looks very clean :)

  5. Hey! I've nominated you for a Liebster award!

  6. Your mani turned out so good. I love it! I have this whole collection; I haven't swatched them yet.