Wednesday, August 22, 2012

China Glaze Bohemian Collection Water Marble

Hi loves, how is everyone today? I left work early because I wasn't feeling well, but it seems to be passing.  I absolutely do not have time to be sick.  Too much to do, go bother someone who has time, this chicky has too many back to school chores to do.

I saw someone on twitter talking about water marbling with the new Bohemian Collection from China Glaze.  Now I usually only marble with creams because shimmers and other sparkly polishes don't ever want to play nice.  But last night as I was sitting at my nail table, I was drawing a blank.  So I thought to myself, "what the hey, I guess I can give it a shot".  Am I ever glad I did! It was one of the best marbling experiences I have ever had.  The polishes spread like it was their job and the colors blended together flawlessly.  I couldn't be happier with these little guys!  It was quite tricky to get all of the sparkles off of my fingers afterwards, even though I taped AND put chap stick around my fingernails.  But it wasn't bad enough to bring me down....feast your eyes on this beauty...

Are you in heaven? No, I'm not gloating about my marbling skills, just how lovely the colors blended together.  For being shimmery duochrome polishes, they really worked well for this, which is a rare and beautifully happy, kick up your pedicured toes and do a happy dance kind of thing!  

Here are a few more photos of my handiwork.....

On a side note, I am having so much trouble getting my video tutorial together so I think I am going to scrap it and do a tutorial with this collection. The marble was so easy and I think you little nail freaks would really like it.  I can't promise when it will be up but I will get working on it very soon. 

Hope you all enjoyed!  I had a blast with this one!  Happy Polishing!


  1. Love this marble!! Yet another reason I think I'll be buying a few from this collection ;)

  2. Thanks friend! I really like the collection, I know some people were disappointed, but the more I use it the more I like it. After this marble I am a huge fan, they were very cooperative, haha.

  3. These do look gorgeous all marbled together!

  4. Thank you! I was so happy they worked so well together!!