Friday, August 24, 2012

Another Piece of Indie Heaven!

Who doesn't love sparkly, shiny gorgeous nail polish that catches the sun and melts your heart at the same time?  I've never met anyone and if I ever do, I will be sure to have them committed! The sad thing is,  I have had this gorgeous sparkly polish for 3 months and this is the first I have tried it.  Shame on me!  But better late than never I suppose!  Take a look at this beauty and decide for yourself if it is as drool worthy as I think it is.....

Pretty awesome, eh?  This pretty little lady is by Enkelini and can be purchased here in the Etsy store run by owner Pat Ashton.  Now this is not your regular run of the mill polish.  This is a topper that is used on top of your base color to totally change the look of your polish.  I layered mine over 1 coat of Milani High Speed Fast Dry in Black Swift.  Yes, only one coat is needed when you use this amazingly perfect black polish.  I have found the Milani HSFD line to be one of the best lines out there.  The polishes are extremely saturated and one coat wonders that dry just as they claim, really flippin fast!  

But I digress....back to the star of the show.  These photo's do no justice to this sparkly little wonder.  I was impressed indoors as I applied this but when I went outside and saw the way this caught the sunshine and danced on my happy little fingers, I couldn't contain myself.  I think I even squealed a little and caught my hubby looking at me in a "She has finally hit rock bottom, what did I do with the phone number for that mental institute, someone get me the phone" kind of way.  But I don't care.  When I find a polish (or topper) that does what this does, it makes me so excited!  And now I am so happy I can share my find with all of you lovely lacquer lunatics.  Here are a few more pics....I took so many, I must share at least a few of them!

I don't have many polishes from Enkelini, maybe only 3 or 4 but I can guarantee you after wearing this beauty, I will be hitting her Etsy store tonight!  If you are looking for something attention getting that possibly will cause you to walk into walls then this is the topper for you!  ** I cannot be held responsible for bumps, bruises or broken bones **

Let me know what you guys think of this pretty little princess.  Do you have any polishes or toppers from Enkelini?  Will you try any in the future?  YOU SHOULD!!  Oh sorry, sometimes I get a little crazy but really, give it a try.  Just wear a padded helmet if you do!

Happy Polishing Friends!!


  1. Ahhhh someone else who is as stark raving mad about these toppers as I am yaaaay!! Aren't they divine *swoons*

  2. I know!! I didn't realize how great they were until now. *ashamed* This one had me staring at my nails constantly!!