Wednesday, September 11, 2013

THE BALM also known as THE BOMB!

Hi loves, today I have a little makeup to share with you!

I finally got around to trying out some products from The Balm, a highend brand that for some reason, I have never had the opportunity to try out....until now!

This is going to be a brief over view of all of the lovely little goodies I purchased. I do have an entire video that goes along with this post which I will link below. You'll be able to see me use the products and of course, ramble my ass off as I always do!

By the way....The Balm and many other awesome makeup brands are now being carried at Kohl's. So all of you US kiddo's, get your buns in your car and get to shopping! Lorac, Pur Minerals, Borghese....the list goes on and on. Thank you Kohl's for making my dreams come true!! (of course I purchased these products on line directly from The Balm and THEN Kohl's decided to stock luck!). And no, I'm not being paid for mentioning Kohl's....I just have a shopping problem....Hi my name is Nicole and I'm a shopaholic.

Ahem, focus, focus....

First up let's talk eyes!

I have 2 awesome palettes to show you, I still can't decide which one I like better! Luckily I don't have to choose....

The palette that I decided to play with in my video is The Balm Jovi Palette which is so fun...packaging is adorbs and the shadows are buttery and super pigmented!

I love how they include a luminizer, a blush and 2 convertible cheek and lip shades. although when I used one of the lip/cheekers, I didn't get much of anything on ma lips!

 Just look at that pigmentation!

I am obsessed with this heart shaped mirror!

 Suddenly I feel like busting out my neon leggings and getting my 80's on!  Anyone have a sweat band I can borrow?

Balm Jovi retails for $39.50

Next up is the perfect little palette for fall!  I'd like you all to....Meet Matt(e) Nude....

Aaagghh, I love this palette! The soft smokey shades are perfect for fall! I have swatched and played around with it a bit and let me tell you what....I cannot be held accountable for the violence that may's out of my control! I am planning on doing an eye look with this beauty on my channel, so stay tuned for that!

Matt(e) retails for $42.

I also grabbed a few of their boxed blushes and 1 translucent powder....

My favorite blush that I got, a serious mama smacker, is Frat Boy:

I will not hesitate to punch a baby....I love the way this blush looks on me! It gives the perfect rosy glow without being overdone! Just the right amout of pigmentation and a beautiful pinky coral shade....I feel some violence coming on!

Frat Boy retails for $21.

The other blush I got, that I haven't tried yet, is just as gorgeous and perfect with any eye look!

Hot Mama is gonna make me feel like a hot mama when I wear it! I love the subtle shimmer that it has, could we double this as a highlighter? I vote yes!

Hot Mama retails for $20.

The only translucent powder of the bunch, sadly I wasn't too thrilled with this product. I've heard lots of people rave about it, but my dry skin just didn't mesh with the powder....but don't be deterred from trying lizard skin just likes to be a little bit of a diva sometimes!

Sexy Mama contains anti shine spheres that some say keeps shine at bay for hours on end! I'm not a powder girl but if you are this may be a good one to try! 

Sexy Mama retails for $20.

Next we have my most favorite type of illuminator! Mary Lou-manizer is crazy stupid pigmented and goooo-geous!!

It doesn't look like much in the pan, but I can assure this little lady is amazing at drawing out those cheekbones and making you look like you just got home from the Caribbean with that perfect healthy glow. Catch me I'm falling!!

Mary Lou-manizer retails for $24.

My favorite product of the bunch happens to be the smallest....but what's that saying...good things come in small packages? It's certainly true in this case, this concealer is absolutely AMAZING!!!

Time Balm concealer is one of the best, if not the best concealer around! This product is creamy, covers dark circles and blemishes completely and stays put all dang day! There was not one ounce of cakiness on my face, which never happens, especially on my under eye area! I can easily see this becoming holy grail for me! If you only want to try one of these babies, I highly recommend this little lady!! 

Time Balm retails for $18 and is worth every single penny!!!

Last and certainly least is Betty Lou-manizer, Mary's skanky cousin who I am not a fan of! 

This shimmery bronzer had me looking quite muddy and on the verge of looking like an oompa loompa. Maybe it's just my olive skin tone, but me and Ms. Lou-manizer will not be having lunch any time soon!

Betty retails for $24. 

Have you guys tried anything from this brand? What do you think? So far I'm loving it, I can't wait to get my hands on some more!

Take a peeky poo at my video....complete with bloopers!

Love you guys!!xo

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